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Friday, October 12, 2007

Liam's Latest Masterpiece

Liam and I enjoy having a little art project each day. Wether its painting, coloring or playing with playdough; art time is the funnest time of our day together. I truly believe that children need to express themselves through art, motion, language, and music. Each day we have a different activity that not only helps Liam accomplish this, but it also has created a wonderful way in which mother and son are able to bond. In creating this pumpkin, it was so fun to sit and paint together and talk about autumn and the changes happening outside. We also talked about the color orange and Liam had another great opportunity to further develope his fine motor skills. The look of pride on his face each time he sees this pumpkin makes my heart so happy. It hangs in a prominent place in our home where everyone who comes and goes will see it. He points to it and with a smile on his face he says, "Art, punkin." I look forward to many more art projects with Liam!!