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Friday, October 12, 2007

Wow, my moms got mad computer skills!!

Phew, what excitement!! I am so excited to be here creating this the Fullmer Family Blog. Thanks so much to both Jana and Xela for inspiring me with their own blogs, thanks ladies!! I hope that with this blog I will be able to keep my loved ones in touch with what is happening in our lives. Plus I really am super proud of my son and the amazing child that he is and I cant help but want to share his stories, pics and videos with his massive global family. So here you go folks, a preview of Fullmer Land.


April said...

He has gotten huge!

Joanna said...

Liam is such a cutie!! I need to do a blog too! -Jo

Xela said...

I am so glad you started this! It is great to check in on you! Love ya