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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Little Stinker

This is our littler stinker Liam. While we were at the USU Halloween Carnival, one of the booths allowed you to have your kids pictures professionally taken. This is the best one we got of Liam, he was upset because I took him out of his stroller and had his friend Tyler sit down in it. No matter how much I bribed him, begged him or pleaded with him, this was the best picture we got. Well, I guess this is the reality of my life with a 2 year old! And yes, those are my arms and yes I am struggling with him to sit still and smile pretty for the camera. Probably not my best idea yet! Oh well!


Samantha said...

Such a typical 2 year old. I still think the picture is adorable though!! Kinda fits with the cute costume!! :) Glad my kids aren't the only ones to do stuff that I would rather them not! :)