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Monday, February 4, 2008

Check This Website Out!

Thank you everyone for your love and support as I fessed up to my intentions of becoming healthier this year. My friend Havilah suggested I check out this site. (click on the the title-I am still trying to learn how to create links in the post) I have been using it since Sunday morning and I am already hooked and so it is my newest "Products Worth Recommending"! For those of us that are trying to become healthier this website provides a way of tracking a food log, exercise log, and a weight log. What I love is that when you initial begin you fill out some health questions. It then tells you how many calories you should be consuming each day and if you adhere to the recommendation by which date you will achieve your weight loss goal. No guess work, nothing! You can type in your favorite foods and even enter in your most used recipes and it will give you a nutritional readout of the food and a letter grade for that food. You can also get an analysis of how you are doing and it shows you how many grams of protein, fiber, carbs and fat you have consumed in addition to how many calories. You also receive a letter grade for the day. I like that I can see at dinner for example, that I haven't had enough fiber for the day and so that helps me to plan out what dinner is going to be or that I need to lay of the sugar since I am close to my daily percentage. There is also a ton of people on the message boards and I have been reading articles and such that is helping me to create and form a weight loss plan. There is tons of amazing and cool features and guess what, its free!!!! I also loved under the tool features they have a questionnaire for you to fill out and then it tells you what kind of eater you are. Sadly but truthfully I am an emotional eater. I find myself reaching for the chocolate at the end of the day to "reward" myself for getting through it. Obviously I need to work on this one! I appreciated this insight since I am not only working towards a healthier body but also emotional health as well! I just want to add that this morning when I weighed myself I had finally broken the plateau! I think maybe tracking my food had something to do with it since I am being more deliberate with my food choices and watching those calories a lot closer! Thank you so much Havilah for sharing this with me!! Its exactly what I needed right now since I have been losing hope! Hugs!


Samantha said...

Thanks for the hot tip! On my way to check it out now! Love ya!

Havilah said...

Hooray! I'm happy that you love this site as much as I do. I've been doing it for almost two weeks now. I made a goal to only weigh myself once a week so I do it on Sunday mornings. On Saturday night I was feeling frustrated about not being able to pig out like I used to but then when I weighed myself Sunday morning I noticed I'd lost a total of 6.5 pounds! (which is amazing for me) I am convinced that this site is the one for me. I'm glad it's working for you too. :)

Mandy said...

That is so funny, I signed up about 2 weeks ago, it is awesome. Keep it up you healthy girl!

venuscameback said...

okay, I've signed up for this and will give it a go. I'm concerned that the target weight for me is just 148 pounds - my family doctor would be appalled if my weight dropped that low.

but using the website as a general guide looks to be useful despite that.

Unfortuantely it doesn't list many of the brands available in the UK so I'm spending a lot of time looking for the closest to the brand I've eaten in terms of nutritional breakdown, and that's a bit of a chore. However I'm a creature of habit and tend to stick to the same brands so I figure once I've picked out the closest comparable brand for my regular foods it will get easier from thereon in because I've just got to remember what option to pick each time.

I've really piled on the pounds since getting married thanks to Rebecca's *amazing* cooking - I'm so blessed to be married to a wonderful cook, and to a woman who loves to cook - so I do need to do something about reducing my weight.

We'll see how long I have the patience to persevere with it, but even getting the analysis of my whole daily intake will be helpful. It's interesting to see how it builds up over the day in such a detailed way, so it may help me devlop healthier eating habits even if I don't stick with the website.

I can see that adding foods eaten throughout the day is going to be a great help - it's easy to forget, when evening comes around, about that mid-morning snack, that late-afternoon pastry, and think that I've eaten more healthily than I have ... so it's okay to indulge a little after dinner ;)

With a website like this it's easier to keep track of what I've actually eaten. Thanks for tipping me off about it, Moana :)


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Haha, you're so like me. "Ooo, I did good today. That means I get a candy bar." I'm excited to look at it, thanks for the idea!

Syme Family said...

I'll had to take a look at the website too. Sounds like it is a good thing since I need help too!
I'm glad you looked and commented on my blog. It is good to know how you are. It had been a long time!
If you ever want to email and catch up, my email is

venuscameback said...

I've used it for two full days now and my biggest complaint? I can't figure a way to look back at previous days entries, which would be handy, especially as I keep forgetting to tag foods LoL

The Fullmers said...

On the Food Log page you will see a date range thingy you have to click on the dot next to the dates selection then selection the beginning and end dates of what report you would like displayed. I think this is kinda weird but try and let me know if that works for you!
PS I think you guys should have a blog, it would be amazing to read about your fabulous life!! Just think all your friends and family could keep in touch, something to think about huh????

Heiner Family Blog said...

I love this site. I went on to it the day I read about it on your blog, and I signed up right away and started logging! It's been fun to see how much I'm really eating in calories and what grade each food gets. Knowing that I have to log in all the food I eat has definately been a factor in not eating stuff I shouldn't and when I shouldn't. So far so good. We'll see in the long run. Good luck on yours too.

auntie lyn said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I've been doing it for 4 days now and am so concious of what I eat now it is getting rediculas. But I can feel a difference. Thanks!! Love ya

venuscameback said...

I found the date thing shortly after posting [wouldn't you know?], but thanks, Moana

I'm finding it a bit of a chore to keep up using the site but it has made me more conscious of what I eat and how much so even if I only use it once in a while to get a better sense of how I'm doing, it's a helpful tool

and we have a blog now, one each - I see you signed up to Rebecca's, did you not get the invitation to mine?

The Fullmers said...

Is Beccas blog the Bebo one? I just checked it out, looks like she has updated it recently. I saw that you also have one, and no I didnt get your invite. If this isnt the blog your refering to please let me know. I liked bebo, it was ok but I prefer having a blog much more. Plus its free!! I keep harassing Bill to have a Blog but he hasnt had time to consider it. It has a bebo page but I dont think he uses it much any more. Niether of us check ours out much anymore. I am an addicted blogger right now!

venuscameback said...

Yes, we're both there on Bebo :)

ours are still very much in the early stages of development, but we're having fun with it. I am, unsurprisingly, venuscameback on Bebo too.

you might be able be able to help me with my Bebo wheatcake query :)