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Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Thank You And A Sticky Situation

Recently Liam has made the transition from saying, "no" to everything to saying "no thank you" instead. This has posed some interesting conversations in our home. For example,
ME: "Liam, its time to brush your teeth."
LIAM: "No thank you."
ME: "Liam please let daddy wash your face."
LIAM: "No thank you."
ME: "Oh Liam, I want to give you a hug and a kiss"
LIAM: "No thank you."
Since I am caught off guard each time he does it, I wonder if I could get away with having his same response in the "adult world,"for example:
POLICEMEN: "Mame this is a speeding ticket."
ME: "No thank you."
DENTIST: "It looks like a cavity that needs a filling"
ME: "No thank you."
Think about it, the power to dismiss all responsibilities and life's unpleasantness in 3 simple words, "No thank you"
I must say that I hope when he is a teenager and the conversations turn to this:
FRIENDS: "Hey Liam do you want to smash some mailboxes?"
I hope this is what his response will be:
LIAM: "No thank you."
So I guess we are on the right track, sort of!

On Tuesday nights Bill and I really enjoy watching the "Biggest Loser" and while we were enjoying the show, Liam found a piece of black electrical tape. He proceeded to stick it to his nose and every square inch of his face. At first I thought no big deal until I looked at his face and noticed that it was covered in black sticky residue. Now what!! We tried wiping it off with a warm wash rag, face cleaner, no tears kids shampoo but the residue wouldn't budge!! Not to mention that by this point Liam was frantic with all of the face washing and getting really upset with this whole ordeal. In a moment of desperation, I remember that I have some soft make-up remover wipes. So we gave that a try and it worked! Whew!


Samantha said...

I love the "no thank you"! What a polite little boy!! Wish it really could work for us! :)

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Haha, that is hilarious about the electrical tape!!! You're are ingenious with the makeup remover wipes, wow!

Xela said...

That is so cute, it makes it harder to make them do things when they are so polite! We love watching the Biggest Looser as well, it is one of Elena's favorite shows, isn't that funny. SHe is 5 and has really gotten into it. She always says I cant wait for Tuesday night so we can watch the biggest looser. Cracks us up!

ajhcreative said...

I love the proper response he gives. Jaden is still working on that one. And yes, the do get into some sticky things don't they. Curious little boys

Anonymous said...

Great anecdote about the electrical tape, thanks for sharing :)

and then 'no thank you' is so cute :D


The Perkins Family said...

I love when little kids say such grown up things. Tyler is calling me honey all the time now. Since I call him honey, why not call me honey in return? So at night when I say "Good night Tyler, I love you." He responds, "I love you honey, good night."

Jeannette said...

Such an empowering phrase. I love it and plan to adopt it into my vocabulary. As you reach a certain point in your life, you learn to say "no" a lot more often and to not let other people clutter your life with so many requests that do not meet or enrich your life.
But this is such a nice way to decline: "no thank you". LOL
Love the sticky tape look. Baby oil was my first thought!