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Monday, June 23, 2008

One Of My Favorite Summer Traditions

I am sad to report that our computer has died and so I have resorted to using the Computer Lab and so I am way behind on my posts. Last Thursday, Bill and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. Last year for our Anniversary he had purchased tickets to the Cache Valley Parade of Homes. We loved it so much that we have returned this year! There are 13 homes in total and we have only 3 left to tour. My father is a builder and General Contractor. My entire childhood was spent watching him and my brothers build homes. As a youth I would pour over blueprints and house plans for hours and hours. Dreaming about the homes I would build myself one day. I have always nursed a secret desire to be an Architect but alas I am mathematically challenged and so I am afraid I won't get to be my hearts secret desire! But all the same I enjoy viewing houses and seeing what builders are doing. I especially love to see new neighborhoods going in since I fondly remember my family creating the Finlayson Subdivision when I was a young girl. It brings back wonderful memories of spending time with my dad, him asking me for my advice on floor plan ideas and color combinations. My dad would show me how seams should look like, how corners and angles should line up, details like that.
So as I am viewing these Parade Homes I am using what my dad taught me and I feel like I am actually viewing a piece of art and I understand what a good piece of art should look like. You can see the experience of the builders and contractors in each home. Some are amazing and others are still learning their trade. But I am enjoying the process and I am so grateful to my husband in taking me around Cache Valley dreaming about what our future home will be like. I have lived in Married Student Housing for 7 years now and I really can't wait to move onto a "real house" somewhere in our future. Thank you honey for this wonderful gift! I love spending time with you dreaming about our future together, I love you!

This amazing home is my dads latest creation, to see more images or to purchase this home you can visit his blog here.


Murdoch Clan said...

Moey what an awesome way to spend your Anniversary! I'm so proud of you guys, you're future is so bright, and you'll have the most gorgeous and beautiful home, you've both worked so hard and have been such great examples of making the sacrifices now so that you can enjoy your future with all the perks and such! I love you Sissy! Lil Laura

Lyn said...

It must be in the blood! Our favorite thing to do is going through new construction and dreaming of that dream home. We have been going to our parade of homes show for the past 8 of so years and love it! I too remember going on job sites with my dad and learning how things go together and just how much is word it takes to build a house. You learn to love the structures more when you have an understanding of how its put together. Glad you had a wonderful anniversary. love your auntie