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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Idea Of Heaven

I enjoy sleeping in a tent and cooking on an open fire. I am an avid camper that is lucky enough to have a husband and son that also enjoy camping. My most favorite place to camp is at Tony Grove Lake in the Logan Cache National Forest. Every summer for the past 8 years Bill and I have had the wonderful opportunity of camping out at Tony Grove.I have such a deep love for this place that if I were to describe what I think Heaven looks like, to me it looks like Tony Grove! For those of you who are skeptical and wondering why this place is so great imagine with me if you will. A natural lake that is so clear you can see to the bottom, you can see albino trout and muskrat swimming and frolicking while the air hums with dragonflies. There are rolling hills covered in miles and miles of wildflowers, Alpine trees so tall and majestic swaying in a cool mountain breeze. Since you are so high in elevation there is no cell phone reception and the air is quiet from the sounds of civilization and chaos since motorized vehicles are prohibited. Tony Grove is a quiet place, where I can hear myself think and reconnect with myself, my spouse, and my son. A place where I can have conversations with God that I can actually hear him responding back to me. For me, staying in Tony's Grove is my way of putting myself back together again and rejuvenating myself. I am always re-energized and happier after the time I have spent in Tony's Grove. So I am ecstatic that I will be leaving tomorrow for 10 blissful days of camping in Tony Grove! So we will update you all on our happenings upon our return, in the meantime, hope you are all well! Lots of love,
The Fullmer's


Murdoch Clan said...

Love you sis, what a writer you are! We truly had a blast camping with you guys! I only wish we could've stayed longer with you all, we love you all so much, thanks so much for inviting us!

Michelle said...

I hope you guys are having a blast...I'm bummed that I'm like the only one not there! Take care! Love you guys...oh yeah I was going to tell you I tried and tried to get Mason on my back...way to hard I thought I was going to drop him on his head! Anyways I put him on my front and we had an amazing week!

ajhcreative said...

Looks like fun, I love to get outdoors and enjoy nature...but with a cabin to sleep inside. :) Looks fabulous though.