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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Anguish of Missing Reindeer Treats

We enjoyed baking cookies for Santa. We also left out some carrots and celery for the reindeer. Liam checked the next morning to ensure everything was gone.  However he suddenly burst into tears when he saw his offerings were missing.  He thought that with Santa's munchies missing that somehow his toys would be spirited away as penance. 

We are unsure of how Liam even knows who Batman is, but he is CRAZY for the caped crusader none the less. We found this toy online via It is made by Fisher Price and is super fun and creative. Its the bat cave made small and little kid friendly. Liam is over the moon with joy about receiving this from Santa.

The batmobile and batmocycle, every little boys dream!

Bill bought himself a science set that allows you to grow your very own crystals. I love the glasses and think that they are extra snazzy! Safety First!

This year I decided to enjoy the festivities WITH my family instead of BEHIND the camera; recording every second of every moment as per usual. Hence, we have very few pictures but I enjoyed the time I spent with my family because of it. We had a lazy day filled with presents, food, movies, playing games, and napping. We never left our home and stayed in our PJ's the entire day, it was wonderful!
Hope all of your Christmas dreams came true. 
Happy New Year, The Fullmers


Jana Perkins said...

I love your Chirstmas Card! Sounds like you had a great Christmas day. That looks like an awesome toy that Liam got, and I love the goggles on Bill. Enjoy your New Years!

Rachel said...

*LOVE* this post, Moana! I think sometimes kids develop insane toy desires through osmosis or something because it's happened to us too. All of a sudden Savanna was obsessed with Elmo (WHAT!?). I love the story about the reindeer treats, how cute!!!