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Friday, January 23, 2009


I have been tracking my camera's shipping information via its UPS tracking code and was super excited when I read yesterday morning that my camera was aboard a UPS truck ready for delivery. I rushed home from school and work and waited around with so much excitement that I could only muster pacing back and forth as I waited for the ear crushing knock of the UPS delivery guy on my metal front door. My new camera arrived packed in mounds of paper, boxes and instructions. Bill and I unwrapped everything like two giddy school children who had just been visited by an overly generous Santa! My hands were trembling as I slipped the photo card into the camera! I had so many hopes and expectations but would the camera be able to deliver these to me? I began walking around my house searching desperately for something meaningful and artistic to photograph. My mind drew a complete blank and I just started snapping lame stuff like the pile of unfolded clothes piled high in a forgotten corner of my bedroom.
Liam finally came home and I have been shooting him ever since. He just glares at me since he detests getting his pictures taken.

I have resorted to putting in his favorite movie so that I can capture pictures of him while he is preoccupied with his show. I am totally twitterpated with this camera and hope for a long and happy relationship together.

The Nixon D40 is ergonomic and makes holding a camera for long periods of time comfortable. It is considerably lighter then cameras that I researched and yet it is substantial and feels like its not going to break or melt on a very hot summers day. It is evident by looking at the lenses that they are made of phenomenal glass! I am incredibly happy and pleased with this camera! All of the pics in this post were taken with the camera just out of the box on the automatic mode with no flash. Super amazing quality and very easy to use. I look forward to improving and becoming a better photographer.

The vivid colors are not enhanced with Photoshop, this is how the camera captured these. I love the color of his skin tone as well, if you look closely at an enlargement you can see the little fluffies on his jacket. I am impressed with the photo quality. Loving it!
Touch down!! This camera rocks, loving all the details in my little lovies face!


Alexa said...

Nice pictures. The colors and clarity are really good! Have fun snapping away all weekend long! How's this semester looking?

Samantha said...

So so so excited for you! The pictures look amazing! Can't wait to see more!!

Michelle said...

I'm sooo jealous! Awesome pictures!

~Our Family~ said...

Nikons are so great.. I had a sony point and shoot it took okay pictures but I wanted something that took some a little better since I take pictures of our adopted son Braxton and email them to the famil I wanted great pictures.. I have a d-90 it is great but I'm sure there is more to the camera then what I have figured out... I sure have to learn some things.. I have had mine since December... I love those pictures of Liam(sp) I hope thats how you spell it.. Anyway love to see more

The Fullmers Three said...

I am so happy for you and your new camera! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Murdoch Clan said...

Awesome pics! Man I do love me a new camera! I've loved my Sony Cybershot so far... great quality all right! Love it!

Rachel said...

WOAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Love it!!! I am drooling! So awesome, can't wait to see more pics!