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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ten Randomnesses About Me (Honest Scrap Tag)

I was tagged to do a post about all my Honest Scrap by my amazingly funny friend Rachel. Here are the rules:

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself--and make it interesting even if you have to dig deep.
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap...

Despite living in Idaho and Utah most of my life I despise snow. I only like snow for Christmas, in pictures and postcards. I don't mind if the mountains are covered in the white stuff but I get really depressed when it covers the ground and road where I live. Me and snow are not friends!

I have gained back 8 pounds that I lost last year. I have gotten out of the habit of working out and tracking my points (Weight Watchers). Therefore I have gained weight for which I am REALLY embarrassed about!

I am OCD about my house! I am a self-confessed neat freak that cleans obsessively! I feel stressed I clean, I feel sad I clean, I feel angry I clean, I feel hyper I clean, I clean and clean and clean some more no matter what emotion I have, I am cleaning.

I appear to be very confident and sure of myself when in reality I am very insecure and shy!

I am an emotional eater, when I feel depressed or stressed out I reach for the sugar to deal with my feelings! Not helpful when your trying to lose weight!

My lifelong dream has been to write books for children or young adults. I try out some of my material on Liam and he and I have been writing a story about the Sun and Moon. Until recently, I would write daily filling journals full of essays, poems, and stories. Until now its been my best kept secret. Since I was 4 I have dreamed of becoming an author and I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I love and hate it all at the same time, if your a "writer" then I believe you will understand what I am eluding to here!

I have an IKEA obsession! Seriously, I LOVE all things IKEA! I have had a few people enter my home and say, "Wow this is an IKEA home!" Yeah, I was feeling especially proud of that since I love and adore all things IKEA!

I have an enormous imagination that runs rampant at the most inappropriate times and I will burst out laughing at the insanity in my head. But when I try to fill others in on what I am laughing at I either look crazy or insensitive. Yeah, I have to work on this one! I try to comfort myself by telling myself that in theory my overactive imagination will fuel my book writing abilities and that it will launch me into stardom or something like that!

I enjoy being with others and spending time connecting with others, but I enjoy having my own space. I spend Sunday evenings alone while my husband and son spend time connecting with Bills family. I look forward to my alone time all week!

I have a bad habit of interrupting others when they are speaking, I am completely aware of this and I am trying really hard not to be so impatient and to be a better friend and listener! Sorry!

I now get to bestow this award upon seven other bloggers that I feel are especially deserving

  1. Alexa my amazing and super fun sister-in-law
  2. Deborah my equally cool and amazing sister-in-law
  3. Rosie my sweet fun and super awesome sister-in-law
  4. Samantha my cousin that is the worlds funnest and coolest mom! Seriously!
  5. Amanda another one of my cousins that is creative, introspective and such a fab mother!
  6. Xela another amazing mother and friend to many for which I am proud to call my cousin!
  7. Miranda my recently found long lost BFF from my childhood, she is super funny and amazing!


ajhcreative said...

Oh that is pretty fun. I will have to do that on my blog. Thanks for thinking I am fun and creative, I try but ya never know. You are doing great, just know you are juggling a lot right now. You are a great mom and too sweet for words. Lots of love. mandy

Tiscia said...

So much I never knew...I guess that was the point. I love how you took the time to look up pictures for each topic - It really made the post even more meaningful! Thanks for sharing...I think you are doing amazing things!

The Fullmers said...

thanks ladies that makes me feel loved! you are both amazing women that I greatly admire, thanks! moana

Michele said...

That is so fun to hear about you, especially the writing. That would be fun to see it at the library or book store one day.

The Fullmers Three said...

That was fun to read your Honest Blog. Now I have to think up some factoids about me. That might take awhile.

Samantha said...

I loved reading all that about you! So often our blogs are more about our families. (Which is great since we have some cute families :)) but it's fun to get some YOU stuff on there too!! Thanks for tagging me. I am terrible at tags :) but I'll do my best!! Love ya!

The Taylors said...

Wow!!! Did you write that or did I??? There are LOTS of things in there that are exactly like me! Especially about the snow and interupting and etc!