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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggciting Easter Egg Hunt

We enjoyed an "egg-citing" Easter Egg Hunt on Old Main Hill here on the USU Campus, it was super fun! We enjoyed bagels, juice, and donuts as we waited for the hunting to begin.

Liam was unsure about the idea of picking up random items laying around in an empty field and needed some encouragement. Once the hunt was over, he began to cry because he just realized what the whole point was to the hunt. Thankfully we were able to distract him from getting to upset! We had a great time and look forward to this event every year.

One more shameless plug for how much I REALLY love being a mama to this amazing and wonderful little boy. I hope you all have a great Easter Weekend and I look forward to hearing and seeing your posts about the festivities. I know that I will be adding more as we continue to celebrate the wonders of Easter.


Ana Maraea Ngawiki Torgesen said...

OH MY GOSH that makes me suuper super sad, i remember you telling me that it was on old main hill which we live 5 blocks from and i looked on the campus activities and I didn't see it posted online so we went to smithfield and missed that one so we didnt even get one :( that makes me so sad, i just should have went and relied on my gut feeling! i love the pictures, even though it makes me sad it would have been fun to see you guys!

The Fullmers Three said...

How fun. It looks like a blast. And I love Liams cool shades.

Debz said...

Those are some COOL shades Liam!!
I just love your pics...makes me realize I need a new camera bad!Lana ended up using essies dress..thank goodness for aunties!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Ohhhh fun!!! I really miss the MASA hunt!!!! Such cute pictures!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the hill full of eggs, awesome. Looks like fun!!!

Joanna said...

How fun! Easter time with Liam Boy! What a sweet and cute family you are! We had our own private Easter Egg hunt for Isaiah b/c we were out of town for the town hunt. I didn't even know Old Main had their own, cool!