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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Hypnotic Whirring Of My Childhood

When I think back to my childhood one of the fondest memories I have is the hypnotic sound of my mothers Bosch mixer humming contently as it would whirl around ingredients that would magically be baked into wonders such as cinnamon rolls, whole wheat bread, or chocolate chip cookies. I remember sitting on the counter top watching in awe as the flour and sugar would swirl around and around in a whirlpool of colors and textures. I was mesmerized and intoxicated by the possibilities that this one machine could concoct.

Double Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread
yes its as good as the name sounds!

At the age of twelve my mother inducted me into womanhood as she instructed me on baking. She began with teaching me how to bake cookies and allowed me to use her then well worn but ever trusty Bosch. It was like being handed the car keys and being allowed to take it for a test drive. I felt so honored, grown up and responsible. I remember well the feelings of pride as I turned on the Bosch and heard the humming of the engine working with its hypnotic drone.
I have often wished and dreamed since childhood that I could own a Bosch but since they are incredibly expensive I have never even dared hope that I would ever own one.

This year on Mothers Day I came into the kitchen where I found a huge box wrapped in stripped red and white paper with an enormous bow. Since our microwave was on the fritz I thought that was what my gift was. I was shocked and beyond words when I tore the brightly colored paper to reveal a Bosch Universal Mixer in my hands and not a new microwave. I felt waves of love and gratitude for a generous husband that would sacrifice so much for me so that I could have my hearts desire. It was a momentous occasion when I finally had some free time over the long Memorial Day Weekend to put my Bosch to use.

Its amazing that even after all these years the hypnotic purr of the Bosch makes me feel nostalgic and happy to be able to bake yummy goodies for my family. Now I watch my son sitting on the counter top wearing an apron mesmerized under the same spell that my mothers Bosch created for me. I wonder what memories he will have when he is grown and hears the comforting sound of an engine hypnotically purring as it mixes and folds ingredients that will be created into magical wonders such as cinnamon rolls, whole wheat bread or chocolate chip cookies.


Samantha said...

So stinkin cool!! I "borrowed" my mom's bosch last year and LOVE it!! What a sweet hubby!

Lyn said...

Boy do they look different. It looks smaller and more modern then they use to. I have a feeling I won't be getting mine back. At least Samantha uses it more than I did. I too have fond memories of my mother and her bosch. That's why I bought one. aren't memories wonderful!

Jana Perkins said...

Way to go Bill, what a great gift. Moana, I feel the same way about my mothers sewing machine. The sound of it brings back comforting memories. When my mom actually handed hers down to me I was terrified I would brake it. As I use it more and more my gratidue increases. Tyler watches the needle like I used to as well.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love the title of this post!!!!!!!! SO awesome!!! What a great present!!! I once cleaned the apartment of a girl moving out of Aggie Village and she's like, "Hey, you want this mixer? I was gonna throw it away." I was FREAKING!!! It was Bosch mixer...she was CRAZY!!!!!!! I have loved it!

Jeannette said...

So wonderful that you got a gift like that and that it was a true surprize. I think we all have benefited from that wonderful machine as we have been around grandma all these many years. The new ones look so slick!
It was so good to see you and visit with you. You look FAB!
Love you!

Murdoch Clan said...

what a sweetheart! How thoughtful, and awesome is that! I'm sure Bill will be able to also enjoy all of the yummy recipes you'll be making!

The Holcombs said...

I like this post because it brings back memories of grandma and her Bosch. Funny, how a machine can whir up memories of the past and give you such warmth. MMM bake something good for me would ya?

That is so sweet of Bill, awesome present!!!