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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mind Blowing Performances

I am not the type of person that normally has the patience to follow a program or show from episode to episode. I usually just wait until the end of the season and rent the DVD that features all of the episodes so that I can watch them all at once, I seek instant gratification!

However there is one show I have tuned into each week for the past four years, So You Think You Can Dance. I have enjoyed each season as the quality of dancers has increased in talent year by year. This year is definitely no exception and I was enthralled last night as my mind was blown away by each performance. This is going to be an especially hard year as each dancer held their own last night. I have a tendency to enjoy the avant-garde numbers more and so my most favorite performance last night was the Wade Robson choreographed number with Kupono and Ashley. I have included the clip of their performance if you would like to be transported to another dimension.


Alexa said...

This is one of our favorite shows. Rik records two shows on our computer, this show, and UFC... is that a weird combination?! Ya, I think so too =) Have a good day!

Tiscia said...

I love watching this show as well - we record it with our DVR - I love fast-forwarding through the commercials. Nate and I will often dance while we watch the show. Thursday night his favorite was with Johnathan and *** (eek, can't think of her name) mostly it is his favorite because of Lady Gaga's Poker Face song! He heard it once on the radio, and asks to listen to it every time we get in the car.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That was really cute! How I wish I didn't have this crazy uncoordination issue, haha! :)