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Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are officially...teenagers!

Bill and I were married on June 19, 1996. Thirteen years ago tomorrow, I thought I would post this a day early since tomorrow will be such a busy and chaotic day.

Bill and Moana BYU-Hawaii April 1996

While Bill was on his mission in England, I decided to attend BYU-Hawaii. Since I was in the middle of mid-terms my parents advised me not to come home to see him at the conclusion of his mission. I missed his welcome home and I wept the entire day. Bill being an eternal optimist found a way to fly over to Hawaii and surprise me four weeks after his return home. It was like a scene in a movie when the girl sees the guy and the guy sees the girl and they run to each others outstretched arms--seriously! We were in a populated area where everyone stopped and watched and cheered for us. Our story was legendary and they were all able to deduce that this was MY missionary newly returned home from his mission. We looked deep into each others eyes and we knew that we were still compatible and that spark was definitely still there. We picked up right where we left off and within the first week of Bill being in Hawaii, he asked be to be his wife. Not once but twice! He proposed to me during sunset on the beach and again officially with the ring on the Laie temple grounds. (I said YES both times!)

One of our engagement photos, May 1996. We are sooo happy to be getting married!

Bill spent four weeks with me in Hawaii and I am so glad that Bill had the opportunity to meet my friends, see the life I was willing to leave behind, and also to share with him my Maori culture and heritage.
We were married 10 weeks after he got home from his mission and our wedding day was the greatest and most significant day of my life. I remember that much like this year it had rained and rained for weeks. There was some concern about how we would have our Garden Open House and capture all of our pictures, yet on our wedding day the sun came out shining and all was right with the world. Bill and I drove together to the temple and enjoyed the quiet time contemplating the importance and significance of starting our lives together. We also wondered in awe of our miraculous meeting and how we endured a long distance relationship for three years!! Yet we made it and are more bonded to one another because of it.
Our ceremony was attended by our closest loved ones and we rejoiced as we were sealed for time and all eternity. It was truly a memorable and glorious day.

June 19, 1996 Happily married--finally! Logan Temple, Utah.

I am so grateful that I have the honor and privilege of being married to my best friend and confidante. You have made my life full and complete filled with so much love, joy, and hope. Thank you my dearest heart for being my forever someone.


Michelle said...

Wow...13 years...that is awesome! Love you guys, hope you have a happy anniversary. I'm thinking of making your brother propose to me again, in a more romantic way, after reading this :) Your the man Bill!

~Our Family~ said...

Congrats to you... The years just seem to fly by don't they... I have been married for 13 years too.. In April on 26th of 1996... I'm so glad that you found your soul mate.. Bill is a good guy and your an awesome person... I feel so bad that we lost contact all those years ago but it has been nice to ru into you once in awhile in Walmart....

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! And I love the pictures and can't believe Bill's hair, SOOOOO curly!!!

Shaie said...

Oh how wonderful! What great teenagers you two make - then and now! What a great couple. I hope your anniversary was all that you were expecting and more. Congratulations!! You two have always been a great examples to us.

Debz said...

awhh I loved this post...loved the quickly time flys when your having fun together! We love you guys and my girls had a blast with Liam!!