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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Makings Of A Real Estate Mogul

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of riding with my dad as he drove his Massey Furguson Backhoe in preparation for laying a foundation for a new home. He worked very hard as a land developer and builder extraordinaire and created one of the largest housing subdivisions in my home town. It was the highlight of the Finlayson kids day when we would pile into the van to go and see what dad and the big brothers had built that day. Dad would escort us through his latest project and explain to us the finer details of construction as we looked upon his accomplishments in awe. To me he was magical with his ability to take raw materials and combine them in such a way that they became homes for people to live in.

As a builder my father is unique, he is skilled and educated in every phase of constructing a house from owning the land, excavating, laying the foundation, constructing the house, as well as being a licensed and certified journeyman electrician and plumber. You want to make modifications, he can also draft those up for you as well. He has impeccable taste and has a passion and gift for designing homes that are gorgeous and breath taking. At the end of the building process he can even act as the Real Estate agent and knows the entire process of buying, renting, and selling Real Estate.

Liam is demonstrating a budding interest in becoming a Real Estate mogul like his Papa. Liam can envision a piece of paper being transformed into a cozy house for a beloved toy. I am pleased that Liam has inherited my fathers spacial gift. I was impressed with Liam's ability to construct this entire house for his Transformer unassisted. What you see was wholly envisioned, designed, and constructed by my amazing 4 1/2 year old son.

He has plans of expanding the neighborhood and would like to make a house for each of his new Transformers. He even has plans for building a pool and special garage for them to enjoy.

I love how creative he is and that he enjoys creating things with his hands much like my husband and very much like my dad.

I am one PROUD Mama and I reminded Liam that when he makes it big, he has to build a house for his Mama as well.