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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Week That I Will Forever Remember As One Of The Worst Weeks Ever

This has been one horrible yucky not so great week for us! Here is what has happened to us in the last seven days:

  1. School Started, not so bad actually quite good
  2. My beloved Aunt passed away and I could not make it home (New Zealand) to her funeral
  3. I passed out and fell down an entire flight of stairs and face planted face first into a snow bank. I am scraped, banged and bruised all over. However my pride is mostly hurt since I did this in front of several class mates, EMBARRASSING!
  4. Liam has a viral infection that we can't seem to get rid of. He was feverish and couldn't go to school which meant Bill, Grammy, and I had to bounce him amongst the three of us. Not an easy task when we all work and Bill and I are in school full time as well.
  5. The real chaos began on Saturday. Our up stair neighbors washer was not installed properly and our living room, hallway, and laundry closet was FLOODED. Many things were destroyed the most expensive being our washer.
  6. We found a replacement washer but sadly discovered that it had a major leak and it flooded our living room all over again.
  7. We installed three washers over the course of one day!! Two that didn't work and one that was brand spanking new. But cost us some major moolah. Ouch!
  8. In the midst of all the laundry from mopping up our flooded house, Liam got the stomach flu. Yip he spewed eeewwwwwwwhhhhhh........ from both ends EVERYWHERE! His bed, the living room, on the coach everywhere! So the piles of stinking laundry kept piling up higher and higher as we struggled to get a working non-flooding washer installed. The amount of laundry we had was overwhelming and we have been running our new washer non-stop to get it all caught up before school starts tomorrow.
  9. Bill and I are exhausted from a lack of sleep from all of the chaos!
  10. I have stacks and stacks of homework due, a quiz, two math assignments and a paper all due and I am overwhelmed since I was working so hard all weekend to care for a flooded out house, and sick child.
AGGGGGHHHHH.....Calgon take me away! I am trying not to burst into tears because when it rains it really pours! On a happier note I am happy to say that Liam is feeling much better Grammy is watching him so that Bill and I can frantically try and get everything ready for school tomorrow. I hope this next week will not be so crazy, I don't think my brain or nerves could handle it!


Joanna said...

Oh no you poor poor thing - I am so sorry that all happened to you!!! Last year our washer flooded our whole basement - stupid me put a load on at 1am during a rainstorm and when the water valve opened up to fill the washer, all the city sewer water backed up and flooded out the top of our washer - yep we had poop all over the basement. And it was a Saturday night. Hubby raced to Walmart and got the last wetvac (other people had the same problem!) and we stayed up all night sucking up the water. Of course church was out of the question the next morning since we got to bed right about when it started lol! SO you see, it could have been worse - you may have had vomit, but hey at least it wasn't other people's poop!! (Trying to see the bright side of it for you!)

Alexa said...

Awww.... I hate weekends like that (and we've had many.) It does make you kind of appreciate the mundane, normal days though right?Do you love your new washer? Glad Liam is feeling better =)

Maria said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! What a week. I hope the rest of the semester is relatively uneventful.

Michele said...

That sounds terrible! I hate starting the day or the week already frantic and with things NOT in order. I really hope you and Bill have time to find a little peace tonight before you have to start the day tomorrow.

The Fullmers Three said...

Wow, you have been put through the ringer this week. I am so sorry to hear it. BUt, At least you have a nice fancy new washer! I think I need on of those. Too bad this did not happen in two weeks from now, because then Tommy and I would have been there, and we could have helped out with Liam. We can't wait to live by you guys again!!!

Jana Perkins said...

Nothing like a bad week to make you appreciate the things you wouldn't normally appreciate, like a washer that works, a dry carpet, and a healthy little boy. So sorry you had to go through all of this. Praying everything will work out for you.

The Fullmers said...

Thank you all for your love and encouragement. I am cringing for some of you as you shared some of your worst moments with me. I am thankful for your comments, thanks ever so much!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

All that barfing and sickness with no washer!?!?!? OHHHHH!!! What a horrible week!!!!!!! And why did you pass out???? How awful! I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt too, my thoughts are with you and I know huge blessings are around the corner for you, you're too wonderful not to receive them!!!

Mandy H said...

I haven't checked blogs in a while, but I am sorry you are going through so much. Love to you and hope things get better day by day. Love you!

Ana Maraea Ngawiki Torgesen said...

oh sister wow tha was a really rough week! Sister you know my phone number!!! call me, send Liam Boy over to my house when you and bill have homework, if i go up to campus i will bring him to play with all of the other kids at poly club. Please bring him over, i would love to help!!! Love you sister:)i loved reading your note on mourning, i have never mourned before so i wonder why i wake up crying at night and burst crying in the day out of nowhere