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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For those of you who are not able to load Liam's video, I thought I would inform you that we are having a boy! Bill, Liam, and I were all in shock because we were so certain it was going to be a girl. Liam put his head down and became really sad for a few minutes. He was really excited to have a sister so that as in his own words, " I will have a girl to play with that likes me." He was quiet for a minute or two then he said, " Mom, if I have a sister then I want a sister, if I have a brother then I want a brother." He then perked up and has been excited all day about his baby brother. However before bed, Liam asked me if after this baby I could try and make another baby and if I could PLEASE make it be a sister then he would be OK with having a brother right now. He then informed me that he wants to share his bedroom and all his toys with his baby brother and he fell asleep making plans about all the fun things they will be able to do together.
Our ultrasound went really well, the baby looks great! He is very active and so getting an amazing picture of his face was really hard in 3D. What we did see astonished us because he looked very much like Liam especially his profile. He has very round features and a nose similar to Liam's, I can hardly wait to see him in real life! I have been waiting anxiously to know what we are having to start preparing and so after the ultrasound I went out and bought some baby clothes and a special outfit to take the baby home in. We did not have enough room to store Liam's baby clothes and so at the time we decided to make money on his smaller clothes in order to buy clothes that he needed. We were uncertain if we could ever have another child and we live in a tiny college apartment that did not allow us to store anything extra for the unknown. We did keep our stroller, infant car seat, and some toys. Aside from that, we are starting all over again. It feels kinda weird but I like it! I am so happy and excited for this little baby boy to be entering our family. Bill is really proud of himself as he tells everyone that he is having another son, it seems that my husbands family is REALLY good at making boys as three of the four siblings are expecting boys this year. The Fullmer name is alive and kicking! I keep teasing him, just think if Henry VIII had your families luck he wouldn't have divorced or beheaded all six of his wives or parted ways with the Catholic church to establish the Church of England. The historical implications are astounded when one considers what would have happened if Henry could have had healthy sons with any of his wives! Bill just grinned as he silently congratulated himself on a job well done as he simply said, "That's my boy!"


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!??! WAHOO!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome! I bet Liam is so happy!!!!