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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthing Options and Blessings

I have been struggling for the past twenty-two weeks to come up with a birthing option for baby number two that I feel good about. I have done my homework and met with many different health care professionals. While being pregnant is exciting, I have not been so excited by my birthing opitons until yesterday. Yesterday I met with a Certified Nurse Midwife through the University of Utah midwifery program. I was impressed that she had communicated with my previous midwife that delivered Liam six years ago and so she was able to make educated decisions based upon my previous birth. She then called the hospital and they took me right in and gave me an amazing tour of the birthing suites and recovery rooms. I was giddy as they listed off their birthing options and I nearly skipped down the hall as they told me that as long as baby was stable he could remain with me in my room as he is measured and bathed after birth. I could have Liam there with us for the birth as long as he had an attendant to care for him. I loved that Bill would have a super comfie spot to be so that he can remain with me the entire duration of our stay. I was grinning like a mad fool when they told me that they would do all that they could to support me in nursing my baby immediately after birth. I loved the long list of options and birthing tools that I would have at my disposal. I loved that they would not scoff at my birthing plan and try to talk me out of some of the things that I desperately want.
I loved that we could have an educated discussion about natural childbirth and they did not look at me like I was crazy. Rather, it was a feeling of complete trust and cooperation. I have been smiling and grinning about the fact that I have finally found where my baby will be born. As I toured the facilitates, I kept thinking the next time I am here I will be in labor. The next time I see these rooms, I will be holding my little baby. I was so moved by the emotion that I cried to consider that in this amazing place my entire life would change and shift to make room for another little spirit to raise, love, and care for.

I feel so honored that I get to be a mother again. As I feel my little boy moving and kicking inside of my womb, I am touched with tenderness by the love that God has for me. I have been the recipient of not one but two little miracle babies. I feel so blessed that I get this opportunity to become a mother again. As we drove home yesterday, Bill and I reminisced about what it has taken for us to overcome our infertility issues. We are both in awe that we are going to be the parents of two children that we get to love, cry over, and rejoice in.

When Liam was born he was given a special blessing, in that blessing he was told that one of his special gifts is that he is the bringer of joy. That he would have as much joy in his life as the joy he has brought into his parents lives. Liam has lived true to this gift and brings so much joy to not only his parents but those who know him. He values making people happy and making them laugh. He has his daddy's sense of humor and clever wit. I can be having a rough day or be in a tense situation and Liam always has a funny quip that make me laugh. He has taught me so much about happiness and joy. Last night I was having some contractions and so Bill gave me a blessing. Heavenly Father blessed my body that it would relax and be at peace. He then told me that, like his older brother, this little baby has a special gift.

Our second son has the gift of being a peacemaker and bringing calmness. As these words were uttered I felt my body relax and the tears welled in my eyes as I felt the calming affects of the spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of these words. I feel so honored that Heavenly Father would confide in me some of the important truths of two of his spirit children. I feel so loved that I get to be the mom to these two boys that bring joy and peace. I am so grateful that my children bring these gifts into my life and that I get to care, love and be concerned for them. Being a mother is such a wonderful blessing and I am so happy that I have finally found the right place to give birth to our second son. I finally feel at peace about what our birthing option will be. We are going to be having baby number two at the University of Utah hospital with a certified nurse midwife and we couldn't be happier or more excited!!


Jana Perkins said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you found a midwife that works with you so well. I know you will have another wonderful and spiritual birthing experiance. I can't wait to hear about it and see another cute Fullmer baby!

Accalia said...

That's wonderful, Moana. I know how you feel being excited about the details surrounding the birth. Your post moved me to tears.

The Fullmers said...

Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate your kind words!