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Monday, October 15, 2007

Connecting the dots

Well this is a sad and long story of how we finally figured out why Liam refuses to drink milk or eat any kind of dairy. It all began when Liam was newly born. He had horrible colic that I never connected to dairy products in my diet since he was breastfeed. I kept waiting for the gas, bloating, and yucky diapers to go away. They never did until he was weaned at 17 months old. Then we tried to give him milk but nothing we did worked and so I decided to lay off of the issue. I thought my child was just different from other kids since he didn't like grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, cheese sticks, or yogurt. Never did I put these things together. Then recently I started slipping milk into things that Liam will eat and two things happened he had the worst diahrrea and second he was avoiding foods that I had slipped the milk into. After a few calls to the doctor we finally discovered the culprit, Liam is lactose intolerant!!! This seems so simple and yet I hadn't put all the pieces together before. So I purchased some lactose free foods and my little man began eating food I never in a million years thought he would ever eat. He actually asks for milk--lactaid, lactose free milk every morning. He eats grilled cheese sandwiches--made with special lactose free cheese. He enjoys string cheese--again lactose free. He has even enjoyed his first dish of lactose free ice cream. So the moral of the story is, if your child isnt eating something then do some detective work! They could very well have a food allergy that you don't know about. Liam wasn't really displaying all of the lactose intolerant food signs and most children out grow it by a certain age and so it was really hard to figure it out. But now that we have replacement foods for him he is eating a more balanced diet. I Which I have to say is amazing that there is foods like lactaid and soy yogurt that kids will actually eat since they really do taste good!! So yet again, I have learned another important lesson in the classroom of mommidom. Dont just give up on your child, trust them! Liam was trying to tell me something all along. He was saying to me, "Mommy, this milk hurts my tummy; stop trying to get me to drink it!" So now we have different kinds of dairy in our household and Liam is feeling so much better for it!!
Yummy for my lactose intolerant tummy! He actually asks for this every single day!! Never thought that would happen!
Yeah, look at what Liam gets to eat!
Lactose free cheese, WOW!! The possiblities!


The Perkins Family said...

I found your blog! So glad that you know this about Liam now. You're a great mother!

Joanna said...

I am so glad you found out that Liam is lactose intolerant now. Ginger has been lactose intolerant her whole life and found out about 5 years ago. She has always had lots of stomach pain. So wait to go Detective Mom!