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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Cutie little Skunk Boy

Yummy Treat!

Indian Tyler and Skunk Liam

Mommy and Liam at the Carnival with tons of fun games sponsored by all of the clubs on campus

Liam as a mummified skunk! One of the games was see how fast you could wrap your partner in TP. Liam was such a good sport, he had such a great time as daddy wrapped him in TP!

Liam was a little skunk for Halloween, he was so cute! We took these photos on Halloween at the Cache Valley Mall Trunk R Treat, in the Back Yard with our friend and neighbor Tyler. Who joined as at the USU Halloween Carnival. We then ended things by trick or treating at one of the dorms that has kids come and trick or treat. Liam loved knocking on the doors. He would say, "tick teet" or a few times, "I want treat!" It was so much fun!!


The Perkins Family said...

Thanks for posting these pics, and thanks for taking my Tyler around on Halloween. He was so tired when he got home.

Tashina said...

He's the CUTEST GUNK (liam language of skunk - so dang cute) Ever