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Monday, November 26, 2007

My Inspriation

I have a deep passion for something that is called, "babywearing." But many people dont know the background story of why I am so passionate about this seemingly new and even hip way of carrying a child. My beloved namesake and maternal grandmother wore all 14 of her children. My mother has fond memories of being worn on her mothers back while her mother tended the garden, cleaned the house, and went fishing. My mom remembers her younger sister being worn on my grandmothers front at the same time she was on her moms back and this was the norm for my grandmother, she wore her children until they were about 3-4 years old. I also remember looking at old photos and pictures of Maori women wearing their children and grandchildren on their backs underneath their cloaks. This photo hung in our home while I was growing up and I loved it then as I do now, it truly inspired me. These images and stories stuck with me into adulthood. Then when I became a mother my son had really bad colic. In desperation I seached for help in many different places but the most satisfying help came from a Dr. William Sears in his book, "The High Needs and Fussy Child" he suggests wearing a colicky baby. Well, I tried it out and guess what, he was right! Not only did wearing Liam help with the colic but it made our bond stronger in addition to freeing up my hands and making it possible for me to do many things like fold laundry, grocery shop, make dinner, go for walks, etc. All while holding him close to me, I have even been able to nurse him walking through a grocery store with no one knowing what I was doing!! It was great, I didnt have to stop and find a spot, I could keep shopping while he leisurely nursed! Liam is now 30 lbs and 2 1/2 years old and our babywearing days arent over yet in fact I am wearing him just as much as I ever did! We both enjoy this mode of transportation so much! Recently he has had the flu and I have been able to wrap him and wear him to comfort him to sleep. I would be totally lost without babywearing! I rely upon it so very much and am grateful for the women who have inspired me in my own culture and past. My younger sister is a mother of 3 and has been wearing her youngest child from birth. She gushes over it as much as I do and our even younger sister that is expecting is also going to wear her child. We have been inspired by our ancestors and can see the wisdom in how they chose to parent their own children. I am happy to know that my generation and some of my siblings are returning to the ways of our ancestors! I love babywearing it inspires me each and every day to do better for my son and to focus on nurturing him in a healthy and positive way. This picture is one of my most favorites, I was walking in the rain with Liam on my back in our stochenwiege wrap and I am wearing a Suze Kindercoat that is made especially for babywearing families. I can wear my child on the front or back or two children at once--one on the back and one on the front. Any how, I love how Liam fell asleep on my back despite the fact that it was raining really hard not to mention it was freezing!! This was taken on the day Bill graduated from College, Liam was happy and content to be on my back on such a busy and overwhelming day. I love it!!


Jana Perkins said...

Yeah for babywearing. Thank you for introducing to me. I don't know what I'd do with 2 kids with out it. I feel like it has made me closer to my little girl as well. I love the picture, by the way. Thanks for being such a great friend and example to me of a great mother.

Anonymous said...

I just read Princess Academy to the girls this last weekend. I loved it. Rik heard bits and pieces of the book while he was in and out putting lights on the house... so now he's reading it too (which kinda cracks me up!) I think we might start Goose Girl next... or maybe a Christmas book, we'll see. Talk to you later,

mandy Holcomb said...

how cute is that, what a fun idea! You look great. :)

WILLFULL said...

I love to see my cute family. You are such a wonderful mother! I am so proud of how you love our baby.