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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sick Day

Liam had a really hard night and I was feeling tired and disoriented. Out of desperation I kept reminding him that he was going to have his friend Tyler over later that day. But no matter how much bribing or pleading, Liam was fussy and kept crying. I went to his room to begin cleaning the house and I found a yucky mess in his bed. I cleaned it up and realized that he had a really yucky diaper too. Right when he stood up from getting his diaper changed I heard his tummy gurgle in that "Oh no I have the stomach flu" kinda way. I felt so bad that I hadn't realized that he was sick. So this explains the hard night and why he was so fussy. We had to call off our fun day with Tyler. The hard thing was that I had been telling him all morning about the fun things we were going to do and he was really sad about not having his friend over. Finally after some baby tylenol and his favorite video, "Bob the Builder" he settled down to a sick day inside with his boring old mom!


Samantha said...

SO did our kids catch something at the funeral cuz Tegan was throwing up and had diarhea all night too. UGH!! Totally feel for ya and sorry Liam had to miss a fun play date to boot! :( Hope he feels better soon!

Xela said...

Don't feel to bad...I have done the same thing. Zach was acting extra fussy a few weeks ago I just couldn't figure out why no fever or anything then I took him to the Doctor for a well-check and found he had double year infection. You never know. Hope he is feeling better and you too.