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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Highlights From 2007

It has always been my tradition to spend the 31st of December reminiscing over the events that have taken place over the past 12 months. I find myself laughing, crying, brooding, rejoicing, and then sadly wishing the year farewell as I watch the Ball in Time Square drop signifying a New Year has begun. As Bill and I have been working on home improvement projects today we have had fun remembering some of the higher notes we have stuck this year. The greatest achievement this year for us happened in May with Bill graduating from USU with a bachelors degree in Psychology, he was also accepted into a Masters program in Instructional Technology here at USU. He was also awarded an assistant ship!! I am so proud of Bill! During Bills college graduation, Bill reached up into the audience and plucked Liam out of my arms so that Liam could go with his daddy to accept his diploma. It was so touching for me to see since Liam's entire life Bill has been in college.

I am so proud of Bill for this amazing achievement. I want my children to value education and I know that Liam will love to hear the story about when daddy graduated from College and Liam went with him to get his diploma.

2007 also saw our little Liam turn 2. I can hardly believe that it was really that long ago since I can remember Liam being born like it was yesterday. He was so cute, he seemed to grasp that the day was special and he just kept grinning from ear to ear. When we decorated the house for Bill birthday recently, Liam understood what Happy Birthday, birthday cake, blowing out the candles and most importantly presents were all about. He is growing up so fast and I can hardly believe how fast it is rushing past me. I am so so so grateful for my little boy. I waited to be his mom for 9 years and I don't take him for granted! Bill and I smile every single day and say to each, "can you believe were parents!!!?" We are so blessed to have Liam, he makes us feel so happy!!

Bill and I also celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss. We are so blessed to have spent the past 11 years growing and learning with each other. This picture was also taken on a very special day, my younger sister Ana was married to Dave Torgesen in the Salt Lake Temple in August. It was a very special day! It was awesome to see her be sealed for time and all eternity and to be reminded again of the amazing promises our Heavenly Father has in store for us if we are true and faithful!

My younger brother Kaleb returned from an honorable mission in the Dallas Texas Mission and my younger sister Laura had her third child. This past year has also had some lows with both Bills paternal grandmother Reva Fullmer passing away as well as my paternal grandfather Dick Finlayson. We are grateful for the knowledge of the atonement of Jesus Christ and the promises we are given by our temple blessings and covenants. It was truly an amazing year filled with so many wonderful adventures such as vacationing with Bills siblings in Hailey Idaho and traveling to southern California on a whim to see a dying friend. As well as seeing our great friend my old college roommate Rebbecca Murphy. (In 1995 while I was friends with Becca in Hawaii at BYU Hawaii, Bill was serving a mission in the Birmingham England Mission. While proselyting he met a man by the name of Ian Murphy whom Bill later baptized and then went through the temple with a year later, two days before Bill flew home. Ian came to visit us shortly after Liam was born in 2005. I felt impressed that he should meet my friend Rebbecca who was living here in Logan. Well they hit it off and were married in 2006 in the Logan Temple. It was truly amazing!!) Becca was able to come this past summer from England for her younger brothers wedding. It was awesome to spend time with her. We hope on her next visit Ian will get to come as well. We had a great year and I cant wait to see what next year holds for us. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!! With lots of love and best wishes, Bill, Moana, and Liam Fullmer


The Perkins Family said...

Happy New Year!

venuscameback said...

What a beautiful photo of Liam and cake :)


venuscameback said...

sorry, submitted too soon LoL

wishing you a peacful, prosperous and happy 2008!

Love Ian (&Rebecca)

Xela said...

Happy New year! We are all so blessed! Love you!

F-8 Secakuku said...

Great photos! I like the graduation pix of the handsome two men, one with a cute baby face and the other one proud of his daddy. Happy New Years Fullmers!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Fullmers!!! Wow, so happy to find your blog and congrats on graduating! It feels like forever since we've seen you (aside from occasional run-ins at Lee's, haha). We miss you in the ward and hope the 19th is treating you well. :) Keep in touch!!!!

Jeannette said...

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year.
Auntie J.

The Fullmers said...

Hey there Gunnells,do you guys have a blog, what is it, I would love to check it out. Thanks for visiting us and living us a comment here on our blog. Have a good one.

WILLFULL said...

You are such an eloquent writer. I love to see what you will observe and how you will write about it. I enjoy your brilliance every time I log on.

WILLFULL said...

You are such an eloquent writer. I love to see what you will observe and how you will write about it. I enjoy your brilliance every time I log on.