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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve At Our House

This year we decided to borrow a family tradition from our sil Rosie. Her family makes cookies for Santa. Last Christmas she made cookies with Liam and his cousins and it was a huge hit with the kids. Not to mention the parents loved eating their hard work! So with cookie cutters and colored sugars with made cookies as a family for Santa.

Liam and Bill were so cute as they made cookies together. I love how huge Bills hands are in relation to Liams! Its hard to believe that we were ever that little isn't it!? Its even harder to imagine that one day Liam will be the daddy! OK, I dont even want to go there!!

Liam was so determined to sprinkle the right amount of sugar onto this cookie. I hope whoever gets this cookie has a really high tolerance for sugar! Hopefully Liam doesn't eat it, I would have to scrape him off of the walls after the sugar high!

One of the traditions that Bill and I both had as children was to receive a pair of pjs for Christmas Eve. We have kept this tradition our entire marriage and it has been fun to keep this tradition with Liam. My most favorite Fullmer family tradition is a tradition that Bill and I created for ourselves when we were dating way back in 1993. We get a special book for Christmas, this year we got "A Bell for Anya" we get into our pjs and first read from Luke about the birth of Christ and then we read our Christmas book. I include a copy of the family Christmas letter, picture and card we sent out that year so that the book can act as a time capsule. Its fun to go back and read the years previous letter and see the changes in our family picture. This is what Christmas Eve is like with the Fullmers!


Xela said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful Holiday. We are having so much fun with Grandma, she has enjoyed looking at your blog. She says "we are having a great time here in Texas doing fun things like going to the temple and I can hardly wait to go to the basketball game tomorrow"! Love you! Love, Xela and Family :)

Samantha said...

Liam looks so big in those pictures! So much fun!! Love you!

Havilah said...

Moana! Do you remember me?? I found your blog through April's. Come see mine! (

I can't believe how big Liam is! Last I saw him he was just a little baby. You guys look so happy :)