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Monday, February 11, 2008

Love, Love, and More Love!

I have been so blessed to have friends that support me, a husband that loves me and cares for me more then I deserve and in-laws that love me like I am their own flesh and blood and a son that is truly my greatest joy and inspiration. I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I have in my life! Thanks to each of you that read this blog; I am grateful for your love, support, comments, and words of encouragement, I love you all so much. Thanks for the love, I am so grateful for it! While I am basking in the love, tell me what are your plans for Valentines day? Do you have any special plans, traditions, or hopes for the day? Liam and I have been making Valentines that he will delivery to some friends and send to his cousins. I have been creating a special valentine for Bill that I will share with you via this blog after I give it to him on V-Day. Each year Bill and I make each other a hand made valentine and make a romantic dinner together. Usually finger foods such as crusty bread, brie, grapes, shrimp, fruit, chicken, chocolate and stawberries, that kinda thing. We then dine on the living room floor on a blanket (pretending that we are some where warm and having a romantic picnic) and then share with each other favorite memories of our years together. (We used to go out to dinner but way to many people do the same thing and its not any fun, to stressful!! So we have a fun and romantic evening at home!) What are your plans?? Got any great ideas?


Samantha said...

Sounds fun!! We do something similar, because I agree about the stress of going out!! I read somewhere a cute idea that the boys and I are going to do this year. (Shhh, don't tell Dustin) "After he goes to sleep the night before V-day, fill the shower with pink, red and white balloons. On each balloon attach a little note telling him why you love him." We are totally gonna do this! My boys have already stared the little love notes. :) Hope your day is great! Love you!

Havilah said...

We always celebrate V-Day on the 13th because it is the anniversary of when my husband proposed to me. (plus the restaurants are much less crowded). So on V-Day we have a tradition of watching other people's kids so they can spend some time together.

venuscameback said...

We have a couple of Valentine's traditions and yes, they don't involve going out to crowded, expensive restaurants!

I don't want to post them, or my secret plans, until after V-Day (or Singles Awareness Day a sRebecca always used to call it), because my better half also reads this blog but one thing we will be doing is going to see Casablanca at the cinema - the lunchtime showing, so we still have the evening to ourselves :)

The multiplex we usually go to have started showing a classic film from time to time. We saw The Sound of Music on the big screen last year, which was great. and Casablanca is my favourite film of all time :)

but you'd think they'd put a film on with a happier ending as their Valentine's special!

The Gunnell Bunch said...

Ooo! That sounds like fun, I love the finger food idea. We usually try to do something creative every V-day but most times it's "see who can get the most creative present for $3" type of creative, haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh your new blog design is so cute! Love it. :) Sounds fun. Vday is no biggie for us. Cards are our tradition. Then Jaden's bday is the next day so he is always our little valentine! Love you! Mandy

Alexa said...

We are going to "Heart Attack" Rik's car this year with lots of hearts and heart notes. If it's wet I think we heart attack the inside (snowing like crazy today!) we are going out Friday night though, instead of a school night. For the kids on V-day, we always do a red/heart dinner. So I'm making heart shaped calzones (pepperoni of course), red jello with berries, tomato salad, heart shaped bread sticks, and something red for dessert (haven't decided yet). We also do a green dinner on St. Patrick's day. Have fun!

Xela said...

I like your tradition, sounds nice and romantic. This year ours will not be such a big deal. We are leaving town on Friday to SLC, Jeff's brother and his wife are being sealed. So we will be getting ready to go out of town. We never do to much for v-day anyway. We usually just do cards, I feel like we make special times for eachother that aren't shared with the rest of the world. Hope yours in wonderful. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I took the day off and we agreed in advance how to divide up the day. I had the morning, Rebecca the evening, and I had last thing at night. We both had the afternoon for preparation time, and barred each other from different parts of the house: Rebecca couldn't come in the office or bedroom and I couldn't go in the Living Room or Kitchen.

I hid a few small gifts for Rebecca around the house - one in the oven, one behind the sofa, you know the drill and then woke her with breakfast in bed - nothing fancy, lightly toasted breakfast muffins and OJ and gave her her card. She then did a treasure hunt to find her gifts, with me telling her 'warmer' and 'colder'.

We then went to see a movie - Casablanca, my favourite film :)

Back home we used our preparation time and my friend Lisa came by and helped me with the bits I couldn't do because of my disability.

Rebecca then surprised me with a card and romantic meal, followed by a board game. She'd tried to pick out all my favourites: background music, food and game, and she succeeded :)

I then surprised her with the bedroom: I cut pieces of thick card into heart shapes and stuck them back to back with a length of string in the middle, and stuck them to the ceiling above the bed so it looks like it's raining red and gold lovehearts. and there we spent the remainder of the evening

We've only had two Valentine's Days together in the same country so we're still making our traditions. Last year I did a treasure hunt for Rebecca and hid half a dozen or so small gifts, one of which was an expansion pack for a game she realy likes called Zombies!!! When friends asked what I'd got her for Valentine's Day she mentioned the game and none of the other gifts so I decided to make Zombies a Valentine's tradition and most of her gifts had a Zombie theme. Rebecca loves Zombie flicks etc. so it's not some random thing, it's something she very much enjoys. It's not for everyone, but it works for Rebecca, and that's what the day's all about :)

So we had a really nice mix of homemade fun, lunchdate and a romantic meal/end to the day. It was heaven - I love married life