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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bon Appetite!

Since a young age Liam has enjoyed helping make dinner. He loves to put on his orange apron and climb up onto our step ladder and help mommy cook. His most favorite dish to help make is mini pizzas. He loves to help put the sauce and cheese on the buttermilk biscuits while mom watches and holds her breath to see if the sauce will make it to the biscuits or be smeared on the cooking tray. Since Liam loves to get into Mommy's pots and pans and make huge messes, we have purchased him some play kitchen toys that he can play cook with while Bill and I prepare meals. On Tuesday night he astounded us when he took out all of his plastic kitchen toys and preceded to set the table.

He set Daddy, Mommy, and himself a place at the table, exactly where we each sit. He then continued by setting out food onto each plate. The food choices made me laugh since he gave me a salad, himself a potato and hamburger, and his daddy a rotisserie chicken. He then said to Bill and I, "Yummy Dinner, Eat Mommy, Eat Daddy." Chuckling Bill and I sat obediently as instructed and Liam proceeded to say the prayer and pretend to devour his yummy plastic meal.  Bill and I enjoyed "eating" the yummy meal that our imaginative little boy prepared for us! The louder our slurping and eating sounds the more he laughed and enjoyed playing with us. We had so much fun pretending with Liam, I realized that being a serious adult all the time can be quite boring and tiresome. To be a child where life holds so many possibilities is something I wish I could recapture and return to. But I must admit that as I played with Liam I think my inner child reveled to know that I could still play pretend and have fun as only a child can. For this small moment I think I felt like a kid again and had so much fun with my son in a new way. Thanks for the reminder Liam!

Liam's meal of a hamburger and potato.

My meal of a salad

Bill's meal of roasted chicken

Being Liam's mom is so much fun, Bill and I enjoyed this fun experience with Liam and I hope it brightens your day as well! Happy playing and Bon Appetite!!


ajhcreative said...

Oh I love how fun they can be, it is such a great reminder of how we take life too seriously. You are so right! Enjoy those moments they go by so quickly.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Don't you love how they watch and learn and mimic us. I agree with Mandy, we take life way too serious. Auntie Lyn

The Gunnell Bunch said...

How cute is he!? I could never get Savanna interested in kitchen set stuff. Maybe he's destined to be an amazing chef!

The Perkins Family said...

I love that he chose a peice of lettuce for you and a whole chicken for Bill. How fun!