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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Whirlwind Adventure

In order to keep me home with Liam, Bill works two jobs. During the day you will find him working for the University in his department. Currently he helps to market the Instructional Tech program and recruit students to come to USU, it’s been a great job. But beginning next semester he will become a TA which will actually be a better fit for him since the time commitment won’t be the same it will free him up to work on other projects he has in the works. Thankfully this job switch won’t include a decrease in pay or benefits, just in job responsibilities. Here in Logan late at night in any given parking lot you will find Bill at his night job. At night he moonlights as a car booter. Yes, the big metal boots that disable cars from driving away, yeah that kind of boot. Not many people know this and when people hear about it they have mixed reactions. But let me say you couldn’t have a nicer or friendlier person boot you! However, though Bill is a friendly guy he is really good at his job, so much so that he has recently been made the manager of the booting companies Boise office. In order to take inventory and stock of the company’s runnings there Bill and I made a dash trip to Boise. Bill’s mom was so sweet she kept Liam so that we could get away just the two of us. However it really wasn’t a romantic getaway, it was a really fast business trip. I was amazed to learn that Boise has a rich and vibrant art scene and downtown pulses with amazing energy. I enjoyed walking around and checking out all of the amazing works of art everywhere, the quaint restaurants and eateries, I loved the varied boutiques and loved every minute of checking out downtown. The downtown section of Boise has gone through major revitalization projects and most old buildings were reconverted into amazing and cool shops, restaurants, and such while keeping the original integrity and architecture of the building. I loved all of the creativity in how the buildings were repurposed, there was this amazing hip vibe like an artist had just waved his hands about and this amazing downtown area was created. It was amazing!! I took so many pictures and Bill and I were seriously gawking, not looking gawking! We had so much fun and Bill took me out to dinner in the downtown part of Boise. Bill and I ate in a pub called, “The Falcon”, it reminded me so much of England and the food was amazing and the people were all so friendly. I was so shocked that I was actually in Idaho; it felt more like parts of California, Oregon, or Washington. I was shocked with how progressive, hip, and modern this part of Idaho is. I grew up in Southwestern Idaho and it was such a small and narrow-minded place to grow up. I just kept saying to Bill, “This is Idaho?!” I could actually picture myself living in Boise, not that that is an option right now, just that I had to get over some of my own preconceived notions and learn that my sleepy little hometown wasn’t a fair comparison for the rest of Idaho. Bill and I will be spending time in Boise this summer as we try to grow the business there in Boise and I must say that I am really excited to go back and explore Boise some more!! So I learned an important lesson about my own prejudices and that I shouldn’t be so quick to judge about places I haven’t been to before.

Idaho State Capitol Building
Believe it or not, this historical building is now home to "Starbucks"
We had dinner in "The Falcon" located in this block of historical buildings

This work of art blew me and Bill away, it is illuminated at night and is amazing to look at!
Authentic Mediterranean fare next to a Japanese Bistro next to a Mongolian grill next door. There is tons of authentic ethnic food to be found in downtown Boise!
This is actually a "Cold Stone Creamery" I loved how new businesses found a home in old historic buildings. I loved how old buildings that could have been torn down were given a new lease on life and recreated into amazingly modern shops.


Courtney said...

I totally know what you are talking about. I had that same feeling about downtown Boise last time we were there. It is funny because the drive is just boring desert Idaho scenery and even just off the freeway you don't see anything special about Boise. Once you get into the heart of Boise though, it seems like such a hip scene. That is great to hear about Bill's promotion. Congratulations to your family!

Samantha said...

OH!! I LOVE Boise too! Glad you had an eye-opening and fun trip!

Rachel said...

That is so cool. I've actually never been in downtown Boise but wow, your pictures made me want to take a jaunt up there someday.

Alexa said...


I always hate the drive there, but love it when we get there. My sister lives in Meridian (just outside Boise), and my uncle is the superintendet in Nampa, and they both love it there... and they have nice mild winters (very little snow... how would that be!?) Glad you had fun! We LOVE the water park there!

Have a good day!

Lyn said...

Not all of Idaho is like Soda Springs! Thank goodness:) My sister-in-law lives there and loves it. So much to do and see. Glad you got a "good" taste of Idaho! Idaho Falls isn't too bad either.

The Perkins Family said...

Well you've convinced me. I want to go and see. Congrats on Bills promotion. That guy is just good at anything he tries.

In between trips to Bosie schdule time to visit with friends, especially those who have moved to another location in Logan, (me).

Jeannette said...

Glad you got a get away and enjoyed a new place. I always thought that if I had to live in Idaho, Boise would be a very nice place. We were there several times in the early years of our married life. Much more progressive and forward thinking.
Isn't traveling wonderful? you get to see beautiful places and some not so beautiful, learn about other people and their culture and then you get to decide on your own if it fits your style or not.
I have found things to like about all the places we have lived or visited (some more than others) but I also found it easy to say that there are some that are defenitely NOT ON MY MAP. Meaning: No way I am EVER living there!!!! LOL
Congrats to you and Bill.