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Monday, May 26, 2008

Confessions From An Emotional Eater

Most of you know that I have been working super hard all year on getting healthy and losing weight. I have been doing super awesome up to this point and have actually lost about 25 pounds so far. So hooray for me! But I have been slipping for the past two weeks and have been sneaking in things that I know aren't good for me, not going to the gym as faithfully, or just being lazy and not recording my food journal daily. I feel like if I "out" myself that I might feel embarrassed and therefore act more responsible and take more ownership for my actions and get back on track. So here I am saying, "Oops! I am slipping on my commitment to myself!! I need to realign myself with my goals and get back on task. Any suggestions out there from you amazing people would be greatly appreciated!! (PS, This isn't a plateau or anything. This is me actually being lazy and needing to re-motivate myself.) Thanks everyone in advance for any help or advice you can lend me!


The Perkins Family said...

Here is my advice, whatever it's worth. Don't be hard on yourself and slap your wrist for being 'bad'. Just get up the next day and try again. If you punish yourself in anyway it actually feeds the emotional eating thing, at least it does for me. You've come so far, 25 lbs is a lot! Don't be hard on yourself, and just keep trying.

Alexa said...

See if you can find a buddy. When I lost my weight a couple years ago, I was doing it with my mom and dad. I knew my mom was waiting for me to call to go speed walk the track or the mall, and I didn't want to let her down. We also talked daily about what we had eaten, and how much water we still needed to get down. We would share shopping secrets (where fruit and veggies were on sale), and talk back and forth about what low/no fat item actually tasted really good. It seemed like that was all we could talk about for the months that we worked on it, but knowing she was there doing it too, made it so I just couldn't give up (my personality doesn't like to let my mom down ever... on anything....) We talked about what restaurants worked with the diet, and even went to Lagoon together still staying on the diet. Just keep on going! You're doing awesome. I'm starting back up next week (after school gets done.) My goal is to lose my weight before I get family pictures done in August. My friend is going to Mexico, and wants to have her weight down by the time she leaves, so she has been working really hard to reach that goal (she is down 20 pounds so far... and this is the best effort I have seen her give for this because of the Mexico trip), so maybe working towards a date, or event will help you stay motivated. Maybe now that it's finally starting to be Spring will help as well... If you ever want to talk diet and walking, give me a call, and we can talk and talk about what's worked and what hasn't. Rik ran 20 miles on Saturday (yuck!). It took him 3 hours and 15 minutes. Only a few more weeks till the big marathon. He is getting so thin though... he's kind of giving me a complex... I lay my head on his shoulder, and I feel like I have a huge, giant sized-head... I'm not liking that so much.... Hey I have a great "attachment parenting" picture I took of Anaya today. I don't know if I have your email address though... you would get a laugh out of it though. Email me, so I have your address, and I'll send it back to you. Have a good day Moana!!

Murdoch Clan said...

hmm.. well i dont know if your 18 year old sis (Esther :)) has that great of advice but something I do that keeps me motivated and keeps me on the sight of my goal is I:

1- I think about something that I want to buy.. which right now its an IPOD.. but it can be anything! like a cute outfit or a book or yea

2- I see how much it Costs

3- I Reward or PAY myself for each workout I do and do it so I have to work for it but still get a little reward for it(for example: for every Mile I walk I reward or pay myself $1.00 for accomplishing it.. (The money I reward myself for is different for every different thing I want) but you can decide how that is.. anyway I just keep track in a notebook and keep track of how much I am "earning".. I mean how cool is that in a way Im getting paid to workout and Im getting more than just an IPOD or cute outfit outta it.. I get what I want physically

4- "Be Diligent and Win the Prize" (Mosiah 4:27).. Theres those days when I think Ugh not another workout! but after every workout I have never REGRETED it.. and I just have to remind myself this is what you want.. this is what you know will make you happy.. (even if at the time I don't feel that) i do it anyway. I have noticed however that if i just look back in my notebook and look at my calendar I feel myself re-motivated cause I can visually see my success and I can see how I'm getting closer to my IPOD and what I want physically and emotionally :)

I dont know if this helps sis.. hehe its a unique way that I keep myself motivated. SISTER YOU LOOK AWESOME THOUGH KEEP IT UP!

I know its hard to understand so if ya really wanna know hehe you can ask me. :)

Esther Mei Finlayson

Rachel said...

Well, dang if I had to look at a molten lava cake like that too, I doubt I would have will power, haha! :) Try not to beat yourself up too much for "slipping." If you don't give yourself a treat now and again then the whole process becomes one, eternal punishment! You look AWESOME!!!

Murdoch Clan said...

Moey my advice to you is the same as some others. Allow those slip ups to come. In fact if I am having a major craving I just go out and get it because I will try and find "substitutes" and to me none of the substitutes ever cut it so I end up eating all of those extra calories, and STILL eventually end up eating the initial food that I was craving anyways. However, I allow myself to have SOME, and give the rest away, or seriously if it is haunting me (which red vines licorice sometimes does for real) I get the strength to throw it away. Yeah, for real, a Finlayson (Well I'm a Murdoch) throwing FOOD/CANDY away! Absurd I know but it's better there than poisoning my body. So allow slip ups and then get straight back to work. You'll feel so much better anyways. It's like repentance for doing something bad. Only not really because I like overfeed myself more often than I should. Anyways, you're doing awesome sis! Keep it up, you're going to reach your goals, I just know it! Love you Sis! Laura Ebba

Jeannette said...

Hi Moana, you got lots of good advice and by now I am sure you are back on track. When trying to change your life style and habits it is very common to slip back into the old way of doing things. Take a look at what was going on that week with your life, family to see if there was something specific that was tripping you. A lot of it is emotional and the level of stress that you might be under. Even without relizing it there may be something that has tapped into your subconscious. In this way you will learn about those things that trigger certain reactions.
Keep the good work!

Xela said...

Great advice from all! I think one more thing, don't be to hard on yourself. Slip up happens and that is just life. But be proud of yourself for all you have done and I know you will be motivated again!