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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Growing Pains

Bill and I have lived in Married Student Housing for gulp--7 years and that entire time we have been in a Married Student Ward. We have enjoyed the associations and people we have met and befriended in the past 7 years. We have had some amazing experiences and we are grateful for the fond memories we have from the 5th and 19th ward.

However recently with 5 neices and nephews being born in a three month period we have spent a lot of time at baby blessings this summer. When the deacons in my parents ward stood up to pass the sacrament Liam was concerned that such young men were passing the sacrament. He has never seen anyone younger then 25 pass the sacrament. He was fascinated with seeing lots of kids and people of varying ages. He didn't know that "grammys" and "papas" went to church! So Bill and I have made a very grown up decision to start attending the family ward. We have gone for the past 2 weeks and we have really enjoyed the experience. Liam loves seeing so many kids and he has peaked into Primary and can hardly wait until December for when he will be in Primary. He asks if he can, "Sing Jesus song at church ok mom?!" Though we are attending a different ward with new people to meet one thing remains the same, the gospel. Though you may be attending church in a family ward versus a singles ward or even in a ward in a different part of the world the gospel is what remains the same. The gospel of Christ is unwavering and unchanging. I am grateful for this reminder! My life is changing so much right now and I am grateful that I can rely on one thing to always remain the same and constant. The gospel. I am grateful for this constancy in my life. It is seriously my life line right now as I am a little afraid of how I am going to handle all of the demands that will be put on me with me returning to school and work this Fall!


Rachel said...

I think that's awesome Moana and it will be a very cool thing for your family. I've had a lot of friends who decided to make that transition and were never sorry they did. Enjoy it, the old people and the deacons! :)