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Monday, July 21, 2008


On Saturday the majority of my family was able to gather in Smithfield Utah for Kawiti and Teryn's baby Coriantumr's blessing. It was a real treat to see some of my siblings and their families. My sister Laura had the great idea to get some sister photos. Sadly we were missing our youngest sister Tashina from the pictures but you are there in spirit Tash! We love and miss you! (She is working in Bear Lake for the summer.)
Here is some interesting facts about me and my sisters:

  1. Moana: I am the eldest girl, I waited for 8 years until my sister Laura was born. I love having younger sisters! I love reading, traveling, talking, writing, spending time with my husband and son, and camping. One word that sums me up would be, passionate. I am passionate about everything that I am involved with!
  2. Laura is the second sister, she has three little girls and she is an amazing mom! She was the first out of us girls to become a mom and I admire and love talking to her about motherhood, she is a wonderful mom and wife. Laura is extremely clever and witty, not to mention super funny! She has a gorgeous alto voice that I envy and we love her to bits!
  3. Kina or more accurately Kiriana is the third sister-her. She is the 10th child was born on the 10th of December and was born at 10 in the evening and weighed in at 10lbs 10 oz! Kina is a student at Utah State majoring in accounting. She is a fun sister who has always known what she wanted out of life and has basically just gone after it. She loves children and the grandchildren flock to her!
  4. Ana is the fourth sister and the third of us to become a mommy. She had a daughter recently and is looking super hot, she's a hot momma! Ana is the natural athlete out of us sisters, she is also very spiritual, and an amazing poet and writer. She has a way of introspection that is not only insightful but wiser then her young years! She has a natural talent of healing and if you are ever sick, you want Ana to be the one taking care of you, she is amazing!
  5. Esther is the fifth sister, she is also a fraternal twin to our brother Ezekiel. Esther from the moment she was born has always had a confidence and queenly majesty, she is therefore well named since she is named after Queen Esther from the Bible. Esther is also an athlete. She ran cross country and is a natural dancer. She came to dancing late in life and yet she has surpassed her teachers expectations, she is natural and you can't help but feel the emotions of her dancing, she is wonderful! She is also extremely self motivated and driven, if she wants something she won't take "No" for an answer.
  6. Tashina is the youngest sister of the bunch and yet she doesn't pull the, "But I am the baby sister" routine! She is equally talented and driven like the rest of her sisters. Tashina is very good at doing hair and will often be found doing one of her sisters hair or her friends hair. She is very good at putting outfits together and we love shopping with her advise and keen eye for detail. She is multi-talented like her older sisters she is phenomenal at taking pictures and is our family photographer. She is determined to go to college and works very hard at her grades. She has always known what she wants like her older sisters and she has the same drive that we all seem to possess.
I love my sisters so much and am eternally grateful that I have them in my life. They are my hero's, my confidantes, my best friends, my shopping partners, my laughing companions, my fellow divas, my secret keepers, my inspiration to all that I am and hope to be. I love you girlers so much, thank you for being my sisters!


Michelle said...

Beautiful post Moana! Man I love you guys! I am so glad to be apart of your family and to know each of you! Love ya!

Rachel said...

You and your sisters are GORGEOUS! Aren't big families fun? And sisters are the best!

Debz said...

I love you are all amazing women...

Jana Perkins said...

You are looking so slender and cute! I would love to have that many sisters. I just have one and can't imagine my life without her. Thanks for posting. Go Sisterhood!

Jeannette said...

Those are great pictures of all of you beautiful, talented and smart girls.

Anonymous said...

You all look so beautiful. I can see how tiny you look in this photo. You little hottie. I miss all of you! LOVE YOU!!!

Murdoch Clan said...

Moana, you're such a sweetheart! I love you Sis what a great post and tribute to your sisters. I love you heaps Sissy, and look up to you so much! You're the greatest sister ever, I have to tell you. Thank you for everything, and for everthing that you are, you're amazing=) Arohanui, your kid sister Laura Eb