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Friday, November 28, 2008


I apologize to those of you who have been checking our blog recently! The semester is coming to a close and with it I am finding myself busier then usual. I have been so thankful for the short break that Thanksgiving has afforded me! I wanted to take this moment to pause and reflect upon 27 things of which I am most grateful for...

  1. My faith in a loving Heavenly Father.
  2. And in his son, Jesus Christ.
  3. The atonement of Christ that sees me through life's storms and calm waters.
  4. A loving husband who loves me enough to listen patiently, watch romantic teenage vampire movies, and read young adult fiction with me. You are truly my greatest friend and support, I love you!
  5. My Liam boy who is the light of my life and world. I love you and thank you for coming into my life and bringing your amazing spirit and life into my world. I love you unconditionally!
  6. Getting an education
  7. Having the perfect college job for a working mother! I love my job!
  8. I am grateful for the rights and privilege's afforded me!
  9. My amazing in-laws! 
  10. My family, I love each and everyone of you!
  11. Friends, friends, friends!
  12. Feeling welcomed into our newish ward.
  13. Having a current temple recommend.
  14. Having a few days to be with Liam and Bill, my favorite place is home with you two!
  15. Black Friday shopping! Seriously, I love scoring cheap deals, the entire atmosphere is so fun and signals to my brain that Christmas is almost here.
  16. Reading amazing books.
  17. Music, listening to and singing.
  18. Finding out more about myself.
  19. Carolyn. Bar none, I could not be doing all that I am without you. I love you and am honored to have you in my life!
  20. The amazing and strong women in my life that are teaching me about living, loving, and everything else in between.
  21. Becoming healthy in every aspect of my life.
  22. My chickie's, I love you and am grateful to you for the support and strength you have always given me.
  23. Grandparents here and in the great beyond. You have made me who I am, thank you!
  24. Grateful that the semester is almost over.
  25. The growth that I have made over the course of this past semester.
  26. Christmas break is almost upon us.
  27. I am thankful to all those who read my blog and the friendships that have ensued because of it, you all rock!
Thanksgiving was so wonderful that I didn't even get any pictures! We had a wonderful time with my siblings and family. 13 of the 16 were there and we had an amazing time rummaging through Clint's hand me down clothes. It was seriously fun watching my brothers parading around and checking themselves out to see if they looked gorgeous. I had an so much time touching bases with each of them. The food was yummy and the company was fabulous. We get to do it all over again tomorrow with Bills siblings, we will try and remember to take pics to update you all on the festivities. 

We also had an awesome morning shopping, but more on that later...
Have a great one, much love and gratitude.
The Fullmer's


Alana said...

yay you had a post for me to look at lol.. your the only one! i love you moey you look soo good!! and it was awesome seeing u and billy and liam! i love you all!!

Rachel said...

You are THE woman! Congrats on surviving this semester! I hope when it ends that you're able to relax and FULLY enjoy the Christmas break, you deserve it!

Mandy H said...

so much to be grateful for, we are all so blessed. glad you had a great turkey day!