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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Saving The World One Person At A Time

Liam's language skills have quadrupled lately and I just wanted to share his latest conversation with Bill.

Bill: Give me a kiss Liam, I am going to work right now.
Liam: OK Daddy, I love you!
Liam: Hey, Daddy, Good luck going and saving the world! Love you!

Bill and I had a chuckle over this one but I guess what he said was profound.  I appreciate ALL that my husband does for our family by working three jobs to provide for us in addition to being a Grad Student working on his Masters Degree. Thank you for being our "Super Man" and giving Liam someone to look up to with admiration. You are working so hard to provide us with a brighter more educated future, thank you Super Man you truly are my hero in a non-cheesy sorta way! 


Rachel said...

It's awesome when little boys look to their daddy's as their real life superheros. Danny still does!

Murdoch Clan said...

Man is there truth to that or what!!! You and Beady really do impact, and save the World SISSY! I am deeply inspired and touched by the woman, mother, sister, that you are! I love you guys, and you're my "super-hero" sis! You're the greatest! And tell Liam, his crazy Auntie, and his uncle Pat, and cousins love him too! Arohanui, Laura Eb

ajhcreative said...

That is so stinking cute, I love what they come up with!!!