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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cold Feet

I am feeling sorry for myself right now since it has been incredibly cold here this past week. Yesterday the roads and sidewalks were covered with ice and I saw 5  people slip and fall.  This morning was slightly warmer at 14 degrees. I left my house at 8 this morning to trudge to class the mile walk to campus. I was praying the entire time that I would not fall and break my leg as I desperately tried to make it to my first Tuesday/Thursday class of the new semester. I could feel my boots slipping and sliding and I just hoped that if I fell no one would see me fall! Somehow everyone walking on the sidewalk would suddenly be rendered temporarily blind or something like that! I kept playing crazy scenerios over in my mind like:

  • What do I need to do to fall gracefully?
  • What do I do if someone offers to help me get up and I can't get up?
  • What if I  accidently fall over and grab at someone and they fall too? 
  • What do I do if they are a really small person and I accidently crush them with my girth?
Yes these are thoughts running through my mind when I should be reviewing something important from one of my professors lectures!

I have been asking myself WHY I am doing this when I have a perfectly warm and cozy bed to snuggle up into and a pair of incredibly comfy sweats to spend the day in. Yet I am endangering life and limb to bundle myself up into three layers of clothing, a jacket, coat, scarf, ear muffs, and hat and waterproof boots. I keep asking myself, WHY? Then I remember that often times the things we want most come to us only after great hardship and sacrifice. I sip on this as I drink my hot cocoa. I am still ankle deep in slushy snow that makes me slip and slide yet I feel enlightened knowing that there is a time and season for everything. I just happen to be stuck ankle deep in a snow bank worrying about crushing small people to death, but thankfully Spring is not far away. (Don't burst my bubble, I know its only January and April is a long ways away but I am employing wishful thinking here!)


Megh said...

Moana, I know I don't comment on your blog very often, but I love reading it! Your insights are encouraging and enlightening, and that post made me feel... cozy. I admire your attitude as you pursue your goals in spite of obstacles. It's a good reminder that the trial and sacrifice really are worth it, if you're doing what you know you should be. Thanks! And good luck with everything this semester!

Courtney said...

The funny thing is, when you are done, these are the types of days that you reminisce about. Jake and I always remember the cold winters and the LONG cold walks to campus. Now we watch the weather and comment about what it is like in Logan.

Not only are you paying your hardships and sacrifice, but you are making memories. Nothing comes easy. Enjoy the journey!

Jana Perkins said...

What a well written post. It brought back memories of my school days, trying to keep my feet under me when snow and ice were so foreign to me (being from a sunny state). I remember feeling so ridiculous walking through the snow like it was a tight rope walk with my arms up in the air beside me keeping my balance and eveyone around me walking like normal people do. All I could do is laugh at myself too and keep a smile on my frozen bewildered face. I agree with staying positive, spring is just around the corner...or are we in denial? Either way, keep up the great work, the reward will come.

Rachel said...

It'll go by so fast and soon you'll be walking with sunlight and and warm air! Trudging through the snow was not fun, I remember!

The Fullmers Three said...

I know what you mean. Seriously, it is time for this silly coldness to go away. Atleast you guys have the snow which makes it pretty. All I get is water logged squish gross grass to walk on. I am ready for the rain to stop. BRING ON THE SPRING!!!

Patrick & Nicole Troumbley said...

Hey guys! Thanks for posting a comment on our blog! We are glad you guys found us! Sounds like you guys are way busy and very productive - Good for you both! thats awesome. Liam looks so cute and big! i can't believe it! Good luck with school and everythig else!

Melanie said...

you crack me up. I love this post. Good luck with the new school year.
You are always so positive. I love that about you.

Murdoch Clan said...

hey, can I borrow your sweeeats? Love the sweats part, and the silly thoughts and worries that run through your mind. I remember seeing my sprain my ankle in my mind, and go figure, I sprained my ankle it was awful! So glad you didn't slip! Love you sis, and I can't wait for spring too, I was just thinking about that! Love ya! Lil Laura