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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The World Through His Eyes

Since both Bill and I have cameras we felt that it was time for Liam to have his own camera. We found this Fisher Price Digital Camera for Liam and he has had fun learning how to use it. The only real complaint that I have it is that you have to hold still for about 2 seconds after releasing the shutter. Liam hasn't learned how to keep still for that long after pushing the button, but he is LOVING having his very own camera. He runs to get his camera so that he can get photos of things he feels is important. "Mommy I get your picture" has been a common phrase in our home. Bill and I have been enjoying seeing the world through his eyes.

Daddy sitting very still on the couch while Liam gets a shot.
A self portrait!
Liam took a picture of mommy playing church volleyball, he was especially proud of this one!


Michelle said...

How cute! Isaiah wanted one of those for Christmas, but I didn't know how good they were, so I didn't end up with up, but Mr. Liam looks so cute with that around his neck snappin shots! Way to go on your test by the way!

Rachel said...

That little camera looks awesome! I might have to do that for a certain little girl with a birthday coming up. :) Such fun pictures, blurry and all!

Alicia said...

Fun! Now both mommy and Liam have new cameras. We just got a new camera and I'm not sure Kaleb will ever let me touch it long enough to take a picture. He too is in love with our camera.

Debz said...

Hey got the best pics..awesome to catch up with u on here..miss u you heaps...much love Debz:):):)

The Fullmers Three said...

What a fun idea! And very appropriate for your family might I say.