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Monday, April 6, 2009

Your Mom Goes To College

Many of you may have heard of a little movie that was done several years ago called, "Napoleon Dynamite," anyone heard of this flick?? I know it has a huge following and that most of you have either seen it or may even own a copy. Bill is actually from Preston and so this movie holds sentimental value to both of us since we met in Preston 16 years ago. This one liner of Kips, "Your mom goes to college," has been on my mind this morning as I have been extremely busy getting ready for the week to begin.

I was impressed that the Ensign this month features many articles discussing the importance of gaining an education. I am so grateful for this issue and have been slowly devouring it page by page. At times I am exhausted, overwhelmed, and uncertain how I am going to balance all that I have on my plate and yet I am also extremely proud and happy of this amazing opportunity that I have to gain an education. Some of the things I have done in the past 12 hours as part of my role as a student:

  1. Stayed up until midnight to register for summer semester.
  2. Kicked and screamed a little since one of the classes I need is no longer being offered, had to get really creative and find a way to make up the credit difference.
  3. Emailed a professor for Fall, planning out my Fall semester and had a few questions.
  4. Emailed a fellow classmate.
  5. Filled out my weekly calendar and planner for the week.
  6. Organized my backpack for the week.
  7. Created two study guides for my two tests this week.
  8. Reorganized my appointments since I have 4 exam study sessions to attend this week in preparation for my tests.
  9. Reviewed my homework assignments and emailed questions to professor and classmates.
  10. Arranged Liam's schedule with Grammy Coleen, she will pick him up from school so that I can attend my study sessions. Thanks Grammy!
  11. Made a huge crockpot meal so that we wont starve and I wont have to make dinner for at least two-three days.
  12. Caught up on the laundry, cleaned and vacuumed the entire house in preparation for this crazy busy week.
  13. I am sure that there is way more that I have done in preparation in my role as a student but this is what came to mind.
I just wanted to document some of the things that I am doing as a wife and mother that also happens to be a college student as well.


Jana Perkins said...

You're going to take summer classes too? Way to go girl. I'm 100% proud of you. Good Luck this week. Sounds like you are a prepared as you can be.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I still laugh harder and harder each time I see that movie! I'm so glad you're taking the prophet's counsel and going to school, you're inspiring!!!

The Fullmers Three said...

Wow, you are a busy girl. How do you do it?

Joanna said...

Moana, you are amazing! I am so impressed with you and your great ambition in going to school! Way to work! loveya!