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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Case Of The Cute Computer

Way back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth back in 1984 my parents purchased an Apple Computer much like the one pictured above. My siblings and myself would spend countless hours drawing on mac paint. At that time street art or graffiti was the "hot" fad and my older brothers would spend hours and hours perfecting their skills.

Whereas Quinn (my just younger brother) and I would challenged each other at speed games, such as the maze or the puzzle.
What, might you ask, has prompted this sudden nostalgia? I recently had a fellow classmate accuse me of owning a MacBook only because, "It was cute."
I was quite taken aback since I had never thought of a computer being capable of being "cute." In vain I tried to share with her my computer ownership history in hopes that she would understand my long affiliation with Mac and that my current ownership had nothing to do with its scale of "cuteness."Yet I struggled on in vain since all she had to say in response to my discourse was, "WOW, what a cute story!"