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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moana 168, Bill 1

After many loving hints, winks and nudges it has gotten through my force field of busyness that Moana would like some posts from my perspective on our lives.  

Whenever Liam pulls one of his cute little antics I quick draw a pic with my phone.  This has captured many interesting moments here a few.

one morning Liam decided that is was my birthday and therefore he needed to make me a "cheesecake."  This particular cheese cake is composed of 
1.  Babybel round cheese followed up with 
2. squished out laughing cow onion swiss triangles.
3. It is quite apparent that he believes it will taste like the cheese cake his mommy had for her birthday. 

Since Moana's first class begins at 7:30 am I get Liam up for Preschool.  Even in his deepest sleep he can put a smile on my face.

Sunday evenings we go to see my mom in Smithfield.  Liam has always been fascinated by Papa's guitar and by Papa's Piano.  Since he has two little busy hands he branched out musically and plays both instruments simultaneously.

I am not nearly as eloquent a writer nor so visually gifted as Moana, but I am indeed honored that she would let me plug in my pics and 2 cents.  

Thanks honey you are so wonderful.  I love you very much.    


Jana Perkins said...

Good job Bill! Now, if I can only get Daniel to do the same....

I like Liams 'cheese' cake. What a cutie.