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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Couponista Strikes Again

My husband has given me an apply well deserved new nickname, it is the Couponista. I am an obsessed coupon bargain hunting mama that has been couponing now for about 6 weeks and I am LOVING all of the amazing crazy deals that I have been scoring. Here is my latest conquests.

I shopped from three different stores, Albertson's, Smith's Marketplace and Lee's. All of these groceries would have cost me: $196.63
But I only spent $ 82.21 OOP (Out of pocket)
Here are some of the amazing deals I scored in detail.

These cereals were on sale for $2.50 so 4 for $10 however if you bought them in quantities of four you were given an instant discount of $4 so that makes it 4 boxes for $6 and I used 2 coupons that were $1 off of 2 which gave me another discount of $2 bringing my total down to $4. I added the $1 Easy Mac to bring my total to $5 so that I could use a $5 catalina or coupon from a sale from last week. So my actually total for this order of 4 boxes and one Easy Mac was...only .21 cents!! You read that correctly .21 and I was also given a $3 catalina to use on my next purchase and so this was what we couponers call a moneymaker. I made 2.79 off of this transaction! (Coupons used came from 8/9 SS)
Bottom line: .21 OOP with $3 cat making this a $2.79 moneymaker

These boxes of cereal were on sale for $1.50 if you bought them in quantatities of four, I had three coupons that were $1 off of 1 box and one coupon that was $2 off one box. My coupons totalled $5. Four boxes at $1.50 each equals $6.00 with $5.00 taken off totals for me $1.18 OOP for four boxes of cereal. Thats like paying only about .29 per box!! WOW. (For those who are curious the coupons I used on this transactions came from 8/9 SS and a printable coupon from a link on
Bottom line: $1.18 OOP, only .29 per box!

This is my Kraft Rebate where if you purchase $25 worth of participating items at Albertson's (and other qualifying grocery stores per Kraft's website) Then you will have a $5 catalina print out for you instantly with a $20 rebate form that you submit printed with your receipt. I have sent my rebate in and I will get paid $20 for these items. The kicker is can you guess I much I paid for these?? My total was 25.75 I used $5 worth of coupons on four boxes of the Ritz Crakerfuls ($1/1 SS 7/12 and a $1/1 IP for the Easy Mac) I then used $20 worth of catalinas that I saved from last weeks huge sale and so I paid .75 for tax, that was all that this order cost me!! I used the $5 catalina from this order to purchase the guacamole in the post below. So I spent only .75 OOP will get $20 rebate check and used the $5 catalina to buy guacamole on sale!
Bottom line: .75 OOP with additional $5 cat and $20 rebate check. $24.25 monemaker!

These were on sale for $2.50 each I used four $1/1 (one dollar off of 1) the coupons made each $1.50 times four makes the total $6 plus tax I used the $5 catalina from the above transaction and I only had to pay $1.75 for four guacamole's. This is our favorite brand and the amazing thing is that you can freeze it! Hooray! Bring on the chips and salsa!
Bottom line: $1.75 OOP, .44 each

This transaction isn't the coolest ever but I wanted to show how you can "stack" coupons together. The Yogo's were on sale for $2.50 I had a $1 off of 2 which made them $2 each but I had a coupon that if you bought two boxes of Yogo's you would get $2 off of store brand bread. I selected a loaf that was only $1.25 making this bread total free for me.
Bottom line: $4 total for 2 boxes plus free bread.

This is a similar transaction from the one above only with bananas. The cereal was also on sale for $1.50 per box but I used 2 $1/1 coupons making each box only .50 each and then I added a coupon that if I bought two boxes of participating cereal that I would get $1 off off of fresh fruit. Bananana's were .59/lb and so I made sure I only had $1 worth making them free.
Bottom line: Cereal .50 per box with free bananas.

This is an example to me of being prepared and looking around in case you find killer deals. I happened upon the Mac and Cheese aisle and spotted these boxes of Deluxe Mac and Cheese that retail for about $3 per box on clearance for .97 but I happened to have 6 coupons that were $1/2 so I saved .50 per box making them .47 each. I bought 12 boxes totalling $5.64 for 12 boxes. These would have cost me $36.00 at regular retail-- so as you can see, huge savings!! Moral of this story: keep your eyes peeled for unadvertised specials and have all of your coupons organized with you so that you can strike when you find crazy deals like this!!
Bottom line: 12@.47 each totaling $5.64 for 12. These retail for about $3 a box on sale!! Huge discount for me!!

I was also able to get some amazing fresh produce from Lee's such as green peppers were .50 each, Apples .89 per lb, and a 3 lb container of cheeries for $3.49!! Thats $1.16 per pound!! WOW! Score! Mmmm...I am looking forward to enjoying all of this yummy fresh produce!

This my friends is why I am OBSESSED with couponing! With both Bill and I in College and affording Liam's daycare bill, I have learned to LOVE coupon hunting as Liam calls it! I hope that these posts about couponing are beneficial to you all and that they are not just plain annoying! If you would like to know more about couponing I would highly recommend clicking on any of the buttons on my sidebar. These ladies are amazing and highly knowledgeable about all things relating to couponing and scoring amazing deals! I seriously couldn't do all of the amazingness I do without their sage advise!

Oops I posted the wrong picture in the beginning of this post the following picture is the picture of all of my groceries that I paid 82.21 for!


Ana Maraea Ngawiki Torgesen said...

gosh sister i need to go with you! i am not kidding i don't understand couponing unless i see it! that is so awesome, i would love to save a butt load of money!

Melanie said...

No way annoying. You have already inspired Justin and I. We have just started though. The other day We got a huge block of cheese for $3 and hot dogs for .37 We have been useing the sights you recomended and we are definantly interested in learning more. Thanks for the insite.
Love ya,
P.S. You get some killer deals. I wish I could go shoping with you to see you in action :)

The Fullmers said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies, I will definately keep the post coming then, coupon is really amazing!! Glad to hear your both inspired, as for you Ana your always welcome to! We just need to arrange something!

The Holcombs said...

Wow amazing job. I just went to a stake enrichment thing on Thursday that was all about couponing. Funny thing the girls doing it were Maori and one reminded me so much of you. Then here is this post. Seriously crazy. I coupon but am not this good. guess I better work on my coupon skills. I can email you a list of the links they gave us if you want. :)

The Fullmers said...

I would LOVE the links, thanks cuz!!

The Fullmers Three said...

Way to be!!! I have also been getting into the coupon game. It is amazing how much you can save. I like saving money. It makes me HAPPY

Alana said...

i better come eat dinner at your house!

Michele said...

Wow, you are the couponista! That is awesome all the deals you hit. Do you have any room left in your apartment for any more food? I seriously need to get into this.

Debz said...

LOVE your stuff..Im gonna blog stalk you for info on it!! ya