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Monday, August 10, 2009

Silly Sisters

I am smack dab in the middle of five brothers. Each time my mother would discover that she was pregnant, I would begin praying in all earnestness that I would be blessed to have a sister. I remember tiptoeing into my parents bedroom after the birth of my brother Kawiti and upon discovering I had another brother, I cried out, "But its a boy, can't you send him back?" (Sorry Kawiti, I would never trade you in for anything now!)
When I was just a few months shy of turning 8 years old my mother had finally complied with my wishes and had birthed me a new baby sister. I went from door to door in the neighborhood early that morning to tell everyone that my mom had just given birth to a girl, I could hardly contain my joy!! Here I am many years later grinning from ear to ear since I have struck the jackpot with five younger sisters. We range in age from 33 to 17 and despite our age differences we are exceptionally close. We have been able to build and nourish our relationships with one another despite the age differences and different phases of life that we are each in.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be with my family at a wonderful baby blessing. When we get together we are like a pack of laughing hyenas. We can't seem to contain the joy we experience being together and so we express it through juvenile teasing and hysterical high pitched girly laughter. I love you my sisters and I wouldn't want to whoop it up with anyone but you ladies.