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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Physically and Fiscally Healthy

As many of you know by now I am a HUGE couponista. I frequent many coupon and money saving blogs. One of my favorites, Pinching Your Pennies had a forum a few months back letting everyone know about a food co-op that just increased its drop off points, Cache Valley being one of them. I have heard of them before but have never had the opportunity to check one out before. Because of the friendly advice, produce reviews, and pictures posted on this forum I felt more confident in placing my first co-op order. Its called Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op (link) For $15 you get at least $30 worth of produce and you have the option of adding extra add-ons such as bread. I opted for one basket of produce and 5 loaves of bread. I paid a total of $29.50 (I was charged a one time $3 processing fee) I arrived promptly this morning to pick up my food and this is what I came home with!! I was astounded, tons of food that I would value between $30-40 worth.
This is what I have:
7-avocados (these on sale are $1 a piece!)
3-lb bag of Gala apples (retail about $3.50)
6-Bosc Pears (about $2-3 per lb. retail)
6-Peaches (.99 per lb on sale)
4-large Grapefruits (unsure price retail)
1-small Watermelon ( .17 per lb on sale)
6-large potato's ($1.25 per lb on sale)
4-large green peppers (Sale $1 each)
1-bunch of radishes (1.25)
1-head of leafy green lettuce (1.25 per lb on sale)
2-bunches of broccoli (1.50 per lb)

Our produce bill is always very high since a large portion of our diet is fruits and vegetables. Often times when people are trying to save money on their food bill the first thing to go is the fruits and veggies. For this reason, two ladies from Arizona decided to start a co-op and Bountiful Baskets was born!

The produce comes straight from the grocer suppliers, so everything is uber fresh and slightly under ripe since it typically ripens in your grocery store or while in storage or transit to your grocery store. I am SUPER impressed with the quality of all items I received. I am super picky about my produce and super excited to have found a cheap alternative that allows us the ability to keep an interesting variety of fresh produce in our diet and budget.

The bread is purchased in multiples of either 1, 3, or 5 loaves depending upon the bread you select. The bread I selected came in lots of five loaves. It was only baked late last night in a bakery and then put on the truck after its pulled from the oven it is UBER fresh and so amazingly good!! I spend at least $3-5 a loaf of bread on the high fiber no sugar or preservatives bread. I was so happy to find that each of these loaves only cost me $2 a loaf. I know I can buy cheaper bread but its filled with filler stuff that isn't so good for our bodies and so I am very very pleased with this bread!! I have already had some made sandwich and some toasted and it is super amazing! Its the 9 grain bread with some roughage and the texture is chewy and elasticity like good homemade bread should be like. If you are in the Cache Valley area or are willing to travel bi-monthly to Cache Valley (there are two pick up points here, one north and one south) or are curious if they have a drop off point in your area you can check out this link which is their website or this forum to ask more questions. I am so happy and excited that I have found both a physically and fiscally healthy alternative for my family. Let me know in the comments if you are interested, if you belong to a co-op, or what your thoughts, questions, or suggestions are about keeping your family healthy on a budget.


Maria Farb said...

I'm so jealous! But happy for you. I hope wherever Jesse gets a job that they have something like that.

Shaie said...


What a great find! And the food looks great - not overly ripe.

Over time I too have found a couple of great blogs/websites and thought you might like them. But after double checking, I noticed you already one (fabulously frugal) listed on your blog, so here's one you don't have listed!

It's not necessarily about coupons - but nonetheless about saving money with meals.

The Fullmers said...

Thanks ladies!! Shaie I cant wait to check out that link, thank you!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Delicious!!!!!!! I love pinching pennies! They have great online deals and for the gal who lives next to nowhere, that is very important! :)