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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Awakenings and Reminders

From a young age I learned quickly to adapt to being from two different worlds the secular world of the Caucasian and the spiritual/mystical world of the Maori. Mostly these two worlds coexist in harmony and peace within me while at times they are at war with one another about how I should function as a product of both of them. In an effort to make a compromise since I live in the United States far away from my other homeland of New Zealand I believe that my inner Maori has chosen to slumber within me to allow me the ability to function in the world that I live in.
However there are times when that inner Maori makes herself known to me and reminds me that she is indeed there and still apart of me. It seems that there is a pattern to her awakenings. When I am particularly stressed, depressed, scared, or confused she arouses to comfort me and remind me that I am a child of Aotearoa and that I have ancestors that are pulling for me on the other side.

The Maori culture is one of deep spirituality where we believe that our departed dead still exist in the world of the Spirits. From the tender age of three years old I have had multiple spiritual experiences where both my beloved grandmother Maku Mei Reihana for whom I am named and my great great grandfather Maihi Paraone Kawiti
have been a source of comfort and peace for me. I feel that it is them that send me these little reminders of who I am and that they are mindful of me despite the fact that they may feel so far away from me as they reside in the world of the Spirits. This past week was a particularly rough one for me filled with disappointment and heartache, yet as a special gift from Heaven, by "accident" I stumbled upon this video on You-tube. I must admit that I sobbed and sobbed watching it as my inner Maori reminded me that I have many ancestors that are invested in me and are mindful of me and all that I am worked so hard to accomplish. This has been a hard week but I am grateful for the reminder that I am not truly alone and that I have ancestors that love me and are supportive of me despite the distance and time that separates us.


Jana Perkins said...

Thank you for sharing. That is a beautiful song. Geneology is so important to me. I can't imagine not knowing who my ancestors are and were. That becomes part of you. Thanks for reminding me.

Joanna said...

What a touching and poignant post! I loved the video - the boy skateboarding and the movements of the haka - what strong visual counterparts they are.

I feel stuck between two worlds sometimes living here in the US. You know that our two countries are very different in some ways! But here I am, so I try to adapt. Sometimes though, I just want to scream out something like...."My kids do NOT have to wear shoes on our own driveway!!!!" to the neighbors lol!!

It was great seeing a picture of the ancestor of yours, Maihi Paraone Kawiti, that makes us somewhat distantly related! BTW my very handsome and returned missionary nephew, Maihi, in NZ, is looking for a wife, (Ok my sister is desperately looking for a wife for him lol) and well, you have a lot of lovely sisters....let's be matchmakers lol!! He is in med school if that helps any?!! ;)

Syme Family said...

Sorry to hear that you had a rough week! Hopefully this one will be much better!!

Debz said...

LOVED the video..thanks for sharing it sis!!

Ana Maraea Ngawiki Torgesen said...

so beautiful, i am sorry you had a rough week, you have a lot on your plate but your so dang good at it, you go to school you go to work your a mother your a wife, there is a lot, but your good at each and every one of them, you can do it! i love you sister

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What an awesome post!! I love that song at the bottom too!!

Michelle said...

Moana I love this post! I'm so glad that little Maori girl stirred inside you! I so love the Maori culture! What a beautiful song, so touching. The part that moved me the most was the old Maori womans have those and all your siblings! You can see into your beautiful soul with those eyes! So full of knowledge, charity and love! Hope you know I think your amazing!