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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Post In Which I Deserve The Worst-Mom-Ever-Award

Its been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted and I apologize that I have been missing in action. I was in survival mode with the Hubby gone and with his return home I could not be pried away from him to update the blog until now. I have recently been organizing the photos I have captured in the past six months and therefore had a HUGE wake up call, that if publicly shared would put me in the running for the Worlds-Worst-Mother-Of-The-Year Award.

Ummm... I did not capture any pictures of Liam's first day at Pre-school in the "Four's Class", I did not capture any pictures from Halloween, nope no pictures from Thanksgiving, and here it is folks, gulp... no pictures from Christmas. Gasp I know, I know I am a bad mother and my child will grow up to resent me for not capturing pictures of his fourth year. Bring out the whips, chains, and put me into the stocks. I have definitely earned the title of the worst mother of the year award, I know. Sigh! So please bare with me as I try to redeem myself this next year and do better at documenting the special memories of our lives.

(I did redeem myself just a hair with capturing these pictures of Liam enjoying his new baby cousin way back in October...)


Jackie Clines said...

I love your new blog design! It's super cute. Or maybe you've had it for a while and I just haven't realized because I get your posts through google reader. You are definitely not the bad mom of the year! I also neglected to get Talton's first day of preschool and I only got about one or two of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! It seems like it's so much harder to keep up with as they age. You want to talk about bad moms though, here is my big blunder for 2009: I took Talton with me to see New Moon! I went to a late show, thinking he would fall asleep, and he never did. He watched wide-eyed through the vampires, werewolfs, everything! So see, we all do things we want to kick ourselves for!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Moana, your blog looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! And whatever, you'll redeem yourself next Christmas. :) No need to be so hard on yourself!

Jana Perkins said...

nonesense my friend, you are sooo not a bad mom. did you see if anyone else if you family snapped some shots of liam on those holidays? maybe someone could give you copies of what they took.

ps. love the look of you blog!