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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, Come On...

I have been slowly recovering from our huge fun-filled weekend. I am getting our house put back together in addition to organizing all of the photos we took of Bill graduating with his masters degree. I was teary eyed as I contemplated all that has happened in our lives since Bill embarked upon this amazing journey of gaining a college education. It was validating and satisfying to watch him hooded by his esteemed professors and then receive his diploma cover. I was filled with so much pride and joy. It was therefore fitting that we had planned a huge party worthy of our newly hooded masters graduate. However, the preparations for said celebrations was filled with drama and chaos.

Other families had the same idea to host a dinner for their own graduates, we; therefore, were not able to secure a large enough building to host our guests. We originally thought that perhaps we could set up several picnic tables in our back yard and host our guests there. However, the weather was finicky with rain, snow, and scattered showers throughout the week. We kept calling all around town trying to find a building and yet to no avail. Finally, the day before the festivities, I was struck with a desperate but brilliant plan.

We moved Liam's bed into our room and set up my mother-in-laws huge picnic table in his room. When Liam saw that we had desecrated his beloved bedroom, he was upset and sad. We had to assure him repeatedly that we would return every item back to their original locations. We had transformed our tiny humble college apartment into a dinning hall that could accommodate about 25 guest comfortably. In the end, Bill and I were glad that we had the opportunity to host our guests in our home. Our home has come to represent so much of what we have learned and experienced over the past nine years. We have learned to be creative, making our small home work for us. Bill and I have collaborated together to create storage solutions that utilize every square inch of our modest home. Our home may be a small cinder block palace but we have worked hard to make it our own, to us it truly is home.

Bill's party was a huge success and we had such a great time with family and friends that were able to attend. We feasted like Kings and had a wonderful time laughing and talking.