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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Liam has received a clean bill of health from his Orthopedic Surgeon who says that Liam's arm is looking great. Liam is running and playing much lighter without his cast and he swears he will never get onto the elliptical again...well alone that is. "Mommy, please help me do my exercises on the elliptical," has become a common phrase in our household. I am bidding my time until the newness of the elliptical wears off and he either gives up on it or falls and breaks his leg instead.


Murdoch Clan said...

Wow! Yeah skinny arm for sure! So glad it's healed nicely, I'm sure HE'll NEVER get up on that elliptical again! Also Sis, you're so sweet to offer to come and help me after baby comes... I'm spoiled that I live in Soda nearby family, but it's up to you, we'd love to have you guys~ Love you sis! Thanks for the offer, that's so thoughtful of you =) love ya! Laura Eb

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oooo, I still get woozy seeing that S shaped arm...poor boy! Glad it's all better! I remember my skinny leg, but I bet he had fun peeling all the dead skin off, haha! EW!

The Fullmers said...

Ewww...peeling dead skin...gross! Every two weeks Liam had his cast removed, the nurse would then scrub his arm with special soap and then lather it up with lotion, then place it in a special sock like glove then recast his arm. I was amazed at the condition of his skin when the cast came off since they repeated this process four times over the course of his healing process. So happily for me we didn't have gross peeling skin. LOL