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Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi all, its been admittedly a very long time since I have posted any of our happenings. Here is the short list of all that is going on with us:

I am now 11 weeks almost 12 weeks along and the baby is looking and doing great. Liam and I got a sneak peek of the baby at 10 weeks and we are super excited to see that so far everything looks normal and healthy.

Bill is LOVING his new job, its a perfect fit for him and he is enjoying his job immensely.

Liam and I spent my Spring Break with Bill for a whole week, it was awesome!

Bills new job is going to allow him to telecommute one day a week so that he can be with us a bit longer.

I have been fighting a nasty sinus infection that has made me REALLY sick! My nausea has kicked into crazy gear and I am struggling to keep anything down. It has been a miserable last couple days as I struggle to get better.

Liam is as cute and lively as ever and he keeps me on my toes.

Just a quick update on our happenings, we are still hanging in there and surviving. The Fullmers