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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Potential Weatherman?

Liam really likes to climb up onto our bed and look out the window. Many times throughout the day he will randomly check out the window to see what is going on. He especially likes to see when maintenance drives by or if he sees someone we know walking by. He has also been a really great weather reporter lately as well. He will yell out to me, "toe-man-t" (Liamnese for snowman which to him translates into, "mother dear it is snowing!") or occasionally, "sun-shine-t" (in Liamnese you end every word with either a t sound or an exaggerated y sound such as dog-gy or mom-my) Who knows maybe he will grow up and be a weather reporter on the nightly news, well he has a great start down that career path! Well one thing I know for sure is that no matter what he chooses to be he will always be cute to his mom-my!


Bill said...

I love your blog, you are so amazing! I really like these pictures! This is so fun. I care about you so much.