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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess I'm It, Since I've Been Tagged!

My friend Jana has tagged me and so now I must reveal 6 habits of mine that you probably didn't know about me.  Admittedly it has taken some time for me to figure out which 6 to share since I seem to have a lot of habits and so I actually did 8!

  1. I really hate having a shower first thing in the morning since I will be cleaning my house which usually means either cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor, or doing dishes. I feel really dirty after doing these chores and feel as if I need a shower to cleanse myself from the grease, germs, whatever sick thing you can imagine!  So I first clean my whole house in my pjs, put them into the washer and then shower.  I promise I'm not a germaphobe, or that my house has the germs of a landfill. I just hate feeling gross and greasy! Not to mention sweaty after scrubbing and cleaning! So I like to feel clean and know my clothes don't have sick germs on them that could be transfered to anyone.
  2. I always straighten my house up and put any dirty dishes into the dish washer before I go to bed, or before I ever leave my house.  This drives my husband crazy!  But I hate waking up or coming home to a messy house.
  3. Like Jana, I cant cook in a dirty kitchen. Especially if I am working with eggs or meat.  I worry that the chicken goo or eggs might drip onto a dish and make us all sick!  I bleach the kitchen like a mad woman and use only bleach and paper towels. Before and after handling said ingredients. I bleach the knife and anything else that touched the meat and I only use a certain cutting board for the meat and I bleach it when I am done.
  4.  I always have to fold my laundry right as it gets out of the dryer or else I know I won't fold it and it will sit in a huge pile in my bedroom for days and days!!
  5. I lay out my clothes and anything I need for the next day the night before.  For example saturday night I lay out my  sunday clothes, Liam's clothes and I pack the diaper bag and have our church bag stocked and ready to go. I also post notes to myself reminding myself of anything I need to remember to do or take with me.
  6. I have a horrible memory and so I carry a small note book with me every where I go well conceal in my pocket. I often have to consult my notebook to remember appointments, peoples names, things like that. I even have a notebook for my journal type stuff, one for church stuff, and one for home stuff like bills and grocery lists.  If I am without my notebook, I really am lost!
  7. I have a habit of losing my glasses!  Its true no matter how many times I assign a special place each night for my glasses to go into, I still lose them atleast 3 times a week.  My husband has actually had to come home from school to help me find them since I cant really see that well without them in order to even see where they have been put!!  Liam has learned how to help mommy find her glasses as well. It really is embarrasing but true!! One day he was playing a game of trying to find something and then he later came into the living room wearing a play pair of sun glasses. He then said, "Boy find Mommy glasses"
  8. Some days lets face it the beds don't get made. But I am the type of person no matter how tired I am, I will make my bed first and then climb into it. My husband thinks I am weird but I hate the feeling of crumbled sheets and when the blankets arent on the bed right.
Well there you have it, I am a clean freak that organizes like crazy, I am toting the bleach around in my pjs and I am desperately looking for my glasses.  Yip, that sounds about right. This is the woman that my husband loves and is so proud to be married to!! Hope you got your laughs.  I now tag, each and every single one of you who is brave enough reading this to expose herself and show the world her quirks!! I will be checking your blogs to see if you were brave enough to do it! (Namely my cousins Xela, Mandy, Sami, and friends April, Havilah, and Rachel Gunnel.)


Samantha said...

Hehehe, that was so fun to read about you!! I wish you lived at my house (did you shiver when you saw the picture of my office?? Are you ashamed to call me cousin??) :) I will do my best to think of something but in the mean time am still chuckling over your stuff! Loved to get to know you better like that! :)

Alexa said...

1. I love to read... I always read the last chapter first, I just can't help myself.
2. I hate to make my bed. I do every morning, and like to fall asleep in a made bed, but hate to make it.
3. I'm not sentimental...and throw everything away... this will probably come back to haunt me when I have a child that is sentimental.
4. My favorite and only thing that I watch on TV is Project Runway.
5. I read the reviews to every movie that comes out, see what people on bulletin boards say about every movie... but rarely go to see any movies, and don't really enjoy going to the movies.
6. Eating out with friends and/or family on the other hand is my absolute favorite thing to do, and yes, that is an invitaion.