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Monday, January 28, 2008

We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet

My feelings right now are so mixed as I contemplate the news that our beloved Prophet Gordon B Hinckley passed away Sunday January 27 around 7:00pm at his Salt Lake City apartment with his loved ones at his bedside. I am so happy that he will finally be reunited with his beloved Marjorie as she passed away in 2004. But I am also sad to say farewell to someone whom I dearly loved and looked up to with great admiration.
Some of my most memorable experiences  are from when I was honored to be working at the Polynesian Culture Center in Laie Hawaii in March 1996 when President Hinckley came to visit. I actually got to look into his eyes as I greeted him upon his entrance into the Center.   I felt like my spirit connected with his in that split second and I knew for myself that he was indeed a Prophet of God because the Spirit bore witness to me that he was. I have also been in attendance at several Conferences that the Prophet was presiding at. When he walked into the room the entire room no matter how big or small would fall silent and you could feel the presence of the Lord with President Hinckley. I have listened countless times to his counsel and I have been inspired by him to make major life decisions from that counsel. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the blessings that belonging to His church has afforded me. I am especially grateful for modern day prophets. My heart is full of so many things right now, there was a great newscast tonight on channel 5, they played an hour long biography of the Prophet and the tears just ran as I saw the wonders that our Heavenly Father can work when we allow the Lord to use us as a tool for good in building up His kingdom here on earth. On each of the "local" news station they were asking everyone from your average joe to Senator Orrin Hatch and other political and religious leaders what their feelings, relationship, or memorable experience with him were.  I was fascinated and touched by what everyone had to say I then wanted to ask all of you  what your feelings are as you have heard the news, how did you hear about it and what are some of your memories of the Prophet? How did he or something he say impact your life?? 


Xela said...

It is so hard to believe that our wonderful prophet has passed on. How wonderful that you were able to watch something on Pres. Hinckley last night. We were trying so desperatly to find anything on the internent or t.v. and were unable. That is one of the drawbacks of not living in or near Utah. It did not even make the local news here. I found that very frustrating. He was such a wonderful man and so inspiring. I felt sadness that he is no longer here on the earth, but I also felt that the heavens were rejoicing in his return. Thanks for your beautiful tribute. Love ya!

The Perkins Family said...

He was the first Prophet I saw in person, the first Prophet I remember actually giving a talk in General Conference, and the first Prophet I ever saw crack a joke. I loved his humor and his quick wit. I'm so glad he is with his beloved Marjorie, but oh how I'll miss seeing him and hearing his positive uplifting messages.

Samantha said...

Well spoken Moana. You always have a way with words. Love ya.

venuscameback said...

President Hinckley was called as a Porphet just a few days after I was baptised by Bill in March 1995, so he's realy the only living Prophet I've ever known.

I accepted that the Church had a Prophet at its head but didn't relaly have a god understanding of how important that wa. It's one think to understand these things in theory and another to see it in practive.

In the fall of 1995 President Hinckley gave a fireside in my hometown of Nottingham. The Stake Centre was, as you'd imagine, packed full. I didn't know what to expect and I relaly don't recall much of what he said that night but two things are clear in my mind:

1 - His sparkling, gentle humour which he peppered his talk with, often reflecting his love for the UK, born from his time here as a Missionary.

2 - I was astonished at the strength of the spiit that was there. I understood that although he'd met very few of the people in the room he has sincere love for every one of us. When he spoke I literally felt waves of love emanating from him.

It was that night that I gained a testimony that he was a prophet of God, rather than simply believing it to be so. I'll miss his wisdom and humour and compassion


The Fullmers said...

Thanks everyone for sharing the things that are in your heart, I appreciate knowing what you are feeling and what you have experienced with the passing of our prophet.Ian its so good to "see" you here thank you so much for visiting us, it means so much to know that you in England can catch a glimpse of us here in the States. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and experiences of our past prophet. I love you so much and the way in which you are able to so beautifully express yourself! We miss you guys so much and think of you daily!!!!

venuscameback said...

Thanks Moana. We stop by regularly to see the updates you add. We are always talking and thinking about you guys. Hopefully we'll see you again soon :)