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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Boys

I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing home life! I just wanted to acknowledge and thank my husband and son for all of the love that they have given to me. I am so blessed to be the wife and mother of these two amazing people!

Bill is truly the love of my life! I know that its a cheesy clique but he seriously, "completes me." From finishing my sentences to knowing exactly what all my favorite things are. He has been with me since I was 17 and has seen me grow from a girl into a woman. He has supported me in everything I have done. He has made huge sacrifices for me and has lifted me each time I have fallen, I love him so much! His kindness and generosity teaches me and encourages me to be more giving and loving. He has taught me to be patient and more gentle with myself. His love motivates me each and every day to be a better person more deserving of the kindness that he shares with me each day. I love that I can tell him ANYTHING on my mind and that he listens patiently even when he is really tired and stressed out, thanks! He is seriously my BEST friend. I love you so much Bill!!

Liam, you are truly such a joy to your parents and every person that comes into contact with you! When Liam was given his name and blessing he was blessed that he would have as much joy in his life as the amount of joy that his birth and life would bring into his parents life. Even at the young age of almost 3 I can say that this is so true! The best way to describe Liam, is JOY!! He truly does have the ability to bring and have joy! I LOVE being Liam's mom and I am so blessed to have him in my life. To me he is proof positive of a loving and kind Heavenly Father! Just today he made Bill and I laugh so hard when we had finally arrived at the swimming pool after a long delay he told us, "I cant believe it, I go swimming mom!" Bill and I laughed so hard and all day long we have been quoting him! He truly is our pride and joy!

I love these two so much and just wanted to share with the world how lucky and happy I am to be with these two forever and ever!!


Rachel said...

Moana, that's what I love about you! You are always full of uplifting positive comments!

Xela said...

Love your scrapbook pages, they are so cute! And again you look fab! :)

Lyn said...

Love the picture! I can't believe how much Liam looks like your dad when he was a little boy! Wow!