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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that each of you had a great day today and that you were able to be with the women who have touched your lives. I personally had a great day filled with lots of love! My husband gave me flowers, an onion chopper, and a digital photo frame. He is so great at expressing to me his love and gratitude! Thank you so much honey! I am so grateful to be a mother, I am so blessed!


Rachel said...

Darling pics Moana! It was so fun sitting next to you in the yard sale, you are seriously the coolest! I hope you made a killing and thanks for all your advice! You're the best!!!!

Lyn said...

Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! isn't being a mother the greatest thing there is?! So glad to be a mother! You are looking GREAT! So very proud of you:) Keep up the good work! Love the pictures!

ajhcreative said...

Adorable page, love to see the joy in motherhood and love to see pics of you! How fun and what a good mom you are to sweet Liam.

Heiner Family Blog said...

I love how you find such joy in the most important things in life and you rejoice about it!!! To me, that seems like real happiness. Thanks for being a good example!
P.S. yes to your question